Things to do in Zambia

Travel to Zambia

Zambia is a country is southern Africa that is home to one of the Seven Natural Wonders, Victoria Falls. When you travel to Zambia, you also get the chance at first rate safari exploration. In Zambia it is possible to see more animals than people. And what wonderful animals! Elephants, zebras, hippos, honey badgers! Animals that will rip you to shreds if they are hungry and you are not following common sense, (which rarely happens- people’s usage of common sense goes substantially up in close proximity of carnivorous predators.) Although it is a landlocked country it is endowed with marvelous rivers and bodies of water that make for lush forest in parts of Zambia. If discovering Africa is something you really want to do, Zambia should be on the visit list.


Livingstone, located in the south of Zambia, offers incredible views and gorgeous outdoor experiences, including a closer look at world’s most spectacular waterfalls which are twice as tall as Niagara Falls. It’s the perfect holiday location for those who love the outdoors and want an unforgettable experience. Read more about Livingstone…


Lusaka is the capital, as well as the biggest city in Zambia, which is in Africa. It is in the southern section of the central plateau region. Read more about Lusaka…


Ndola, the third largest city in Zambia, is the location of the country’s copper mining region. You can learn more about the industry and see amazing gems and jewels in the Copperbelt Museum as well as enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature of Zambia. Read more about Ndola…