The Worlds Most Luxurious Airports

Traveling, getting to see new places and meet new people is fantastic. However, the journey itself to these wonderful places and people is not frequently found on the list of people’s favorite parts when it comes to traveling. Long flights, delayed flights and layovers all mean one of the most boring things in the world – waiting, something that can turn even the happiest traveler into a sourpuss. However, some airports around the world have taken the concept of waiting into consideration and turned it into their favor as they have made the airports into enormous, luxurious playgrounds for their travelers to enjoy, while they are waiting for their next flight. We have listed three of the worlds most luxurious and fun airports where having a layover or a delayed flight, might just turn out to be the highlight of your trip.


Munich Airport - Munich

If you find yourself at the Munich airport with a few hours to spare, you should definitely head over to the Visitors Park. The Visitors Park is a huge outside park, with lots of activities for all ages. You can take a helicopter ride or maybe challenge your travel companion to a game of miniature golf. If you are traveling during the summer, you can also take surfing lessons on the park’s wave maskin. The park is, as we speak, getting ready to grow even bigger. The park will be divided into five different areas, where each part represents one of the continents of the world and jungle gyms, swings and sand box toys will be designed to fit the cultural elements of each continent. For the grown ups, a visit to the Airbräu Biergarten is much recommended. You’ll find it in the Holland Casino and it is the largest roofed-in door beer garden as well as an on-site brewery.



Photo by MunichNow


Changi International Airport - Singapore

Changi International Airport in Singapore is the perfect place for a layover if you enjoy luxury and glam. Why not take a swim at the rooftop pool while waiting for your flight or maybe even treat yourself to a massage at one of the airport’s many spas. If none of the above manage to de-stress you, a stroll through the lush butterfly garden might just do the trick. You could also just head to the airport cinema and catch a movie before you leave for your next destination. It doesn’t even matter what time of the day you come, the cinema is always open. If it just so happens that you doze off at your massage, or lose track of time watching the butterflies, don’t worry! In terminal 3 there’s a twelve meter high slide that will take you to your gate in no time.


The Butterfly garden at Changi International Airport


Incheon Airport - Seoul

The futuristic looking Incheon Airport of Seoul offer the perfect mix of fun and culture. Kill a few hours at the ice skating rink called the Ice Forest or try to double your vacation budget at the casino. While waiting for your flight, why not take the opportunity to learn more about the culture of the country you are in. At the Museum of Korean Culture you can dive right into the history of Korea. The museum contains a large collection of clothes, instruments and prints that cover over 5000 years back in time. The Airport also have several beautiful gardens and if you are lucky you might just time your visit so you can catch a concert or live performance.


The futuristic looking Incheon Airport of Seoul



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