Things to do in Vilnius

Vilnius – diverse culture and great architecture


Vilnius is both a historic and a cosmopolitan city. The landmarks, buildings, and monuments throughout the city features different architectural styles and portray important points in the city’s history. Vilnius also offers various activities for tourists and travelers.


Things to do in Vilnius

Aside from being the administrative capital of Lithuania, Vilnius is also the country cultural and historic center. So you can be sure to find many things to do in Vilnius while visiting the cosmopolitan city.


Vilnius Castle

If you visit the Vilnius Castle Complex, you can see a series of cultural, religious, and defensive structures that form an integral part of the Vilnius heritage. You can tour around the Royal Palace of Lithuania, Cathedral Square, Gediminas Tower, and some ruins of medieval castles – There is not only one Vilnius Castle.


Vilnius Opera

You can also spend some quality time in the Lithuanian Opera and Ballet Theater, which features about three to four opera shows and ballet performances each week. For the cultural traveller the Vilnius Opera is a must.


Vilnius Nightlife

There are many nightclubs, bars, and other nightlife venues in Vilnius and you can surely find a place that suits your taste and budget. With your wide range of options, you can also go bar hopping around Vilnius. The nightlife in Vilnius is absolutely to be recommended.


Vilnius Marathon

The Danske bank Vilnis Marathon is an annual Marathon held in Vilnius. The marathon is held every year in September. Perfect to visit Vilnius to run the marathon as Vilnius is one of the greenest cities in Europe, the experience will be great!


When to go to Vilnius

The city of Vilnius features a humid continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. The day temperatures during the summer months of April to October frequently rise above 30°C (86°F). In the winter season of November to March, average temperatures are usually freezing somewhere in -5°C (23°F).

Summer is the best time to explore the bustling nightlife of the city. Many bars and clubs are in full swing at this time of the year. In winter, you can try ice-fishing with the friendly locals.


Vilnius Film Festival

If you want to join the Vilnius Marathon, you should plan your holiday in September. But if you want to catch the Vilnius International Film Festival, you should go to the city in March or April.

Things to do in Vilnius

Vilnius Facts

Population539 939
CurrencyLithuanian Litas
AirportVilnius Intl, Lithuania (VNO)

Vilnius average temperatures

-3 °C -2 °C 2 °C 10 °C 18 °C 21 °C 22 °C 21 °C 16 °C 10 °C 3 °C -1 °C


Lithuania Opera House

Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre

Founded in 1974, The Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre is located near the Neris River in central Vilnius and is the main venue for opera and ballet in Lithuania. Apart from classical ballet and opera pieces it also features the national operas of Lithuania. If you are looking for what makes Lithuania special, this modern glass clad opera house will deliver. Check out their schedule on their website to see what is happening when you are there!

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Kačių Kavinė - Cat Café Vilnius

At first look, the Kačių Kavinė Café looks just like an ordinary cafe. But don't be fooled. There’s nothing ordinary about this café. Here you can sip on your coffee while petting a purring cat. The atmosphere here, at Lithuania's first cat cafe, is soothing and relaxing, the perfect place to wind down at.

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites Vilnius - Kernavė Archaeological Site (Cultural Reserve of Kernavė)

Situated about 35 km away from Vilnius, the Kernavė archaeological site offers evidence of the development of human settlements in the Baltic region since around the 9th-8th millennia BC. The remaining settlement patterns and forts are evidence of the development of these types of structures in the pre-Christian era. Later, around the mid-13th century, the city became a feudal town, one of the major ones in Lithuania, but after a couple of attacks it was destroyed at the end of the 14th century. Thanks to its history and remains, Kernavė is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Vilnius Historic Centre

Vilnius was a great influence on the development of Eastern Europe, as it was the political centre of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania between the 13th and 18th centuries. With buildings covering the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical architectonic styles, the historic centre of Vilnius is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Vilnius Marathon

The annual Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon is the fastest growing marathon in Baltics. It’s a road marathon and where you start and finish in the heart of Vilnius, near the Cathedral Square. You can also choose to run a half-marathon and a 10k run.

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Golf in Vilnius

Just next to Vilnius Grand Resort, one of the best resorts in Lithuania, you will find The V Golf Club, a fantastic 18 hole golf course with PGA design. It is a technical course, with trees blocking the way around the bends that follow the fairways, but said fairways are also long and wide, making it friendly for novices. In other words, you can risk your shots and get great rewards, making it a dynamic course. The other course near Vilnius is the European Centre Golf Club featuring an 18 hole experience. Just remember to bring many balls as the many water hazards has a tendency to attract shots.

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Water Parks in Vilnius - Enjoy everything from relax sections to nail biting rides

Vilnius has a water park called Vichy Vandens Parkas and this is a place where everyone will have a fun day! The little ones will love to splash around at the Game island and the Makamaka Tree. The adrenaline junkies can choose from Yell of the Maori, Moreja volcano and Fidji Tornado among other attractions. Last but not least, the relax seekers can enjoy the Lava Saunas, Canoe River and the Dolphin Sea. The water park really is a place with something to offer everyone.

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