Things to do in Tashkent

Tashkent: capital city of Uzbekistan

Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan, an ancient town that is along the Great Silk Road that goes from China to Europe. Sadly much of the old town was destroyed in a devastating earthquake in 1966. Today the city is rebuilt and more modernized but there’s still both old and new places to experience and a lot of interesting things to do in Tashkent.


Things to do in Tashkent


National Symphony Orchestra

Holiday goers who enjoy music should take in a performance of the National Symphony Orchestra of Uzbekistan. Close your eyes and enjoy the beautiful music created by some of the country’s best musicians.


Tashkent Zoological Park

Or perhaps you would rather stroll around the Tashkent Zoological Park. It was enlarged in 1994 and now has thousands of animals such as 5 kinds of mammals, 74 kinds of birds, 26 kinds of fish, and several kinds of sea creatures. They have also bred birds of prey like griffons and condor.



Shoppers will love shopping here with all the markets and bazaars. They have fruits, artwork, souvenirs, fashionable clothing, and so much more. You can bargain with the merchants for the best deals. Some places to go include Askia Farmer’s Market, which is like a big flea market; or Bek Baraka Wholesale Market for cheap clothing; or the Karavan Bazaar for food, machinery, electronics and carpets.



If you want to experience the nightlife, there are many restaurants, bars, and clubs. Some feature live shows and music after dinner. Come and enjoy the drinks, food and dancing!


When to go to Tashkent

Tashkent has a Mediterranean style of climate, but is also influenced by a continental type of climate. This means cold and snowy winters, and summers that are long lasting, hot and dry. The months that get the most snow are from December to February.


Tashkent festivals

If you love films, come in January for the annual Tashkent film festival. Or, perhaps you would rather see the Sports Festival of Strength and Beauty in April, which has weight lifting, arm wrestling, and bench pressing events.


Things to do in Tashkent

Tashkent Facts

Population2 309 600
CurrencyUzbekistan som
AirportYuzhny, Uzbekistan (TAS)

Tashkent average temperatures

1~7 °C 2~9 °C 15 °C 22 °C 23~28 °C 28~33 °C 31~36 °C 29~35 °C 24~29 °C 16~22 °C 8~15 °C 3~9 °C


Golf in Tashkent

About a 20 minute drive from the city center of Tashkent you will find Tashkent Lakeside Golf Club, the only 18 hole course near Tashkent. It is the first championship course in Central Asia and provides a great challenge even if you are an experienced golfer. The most prominent feature of the course are the many lakes that are present on most holes and provide a great challenge.

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