Things to do in Uruguay

Travel to Uruguay

Uruguay is a cosy little country in South America. Cushioned between Brazil and Argentina, it’s the second smallest country of the continent but it is big on style. The country is one of the most stable in all of South America and enjoys a good economy, having recovered from a recession at the turn of the century. Montevideo, the capital, is a huge draw for celebrities, and you can often spot them in the jet set neighborhood of Punta Del Este.

Things to do in Uruguay

The beaches and pastoral lands of Uruguay both offer something unique to travelers. In the capital city of Uruguay, Montevideo, you’ll find a cosmopolitan city, pulsing with culture and forward thinking while maintaining its classy swank personality. Outside of urban areas you will discover herding run in the traditional manner. The beauty of Uruguay is at its best along its South Atlantic coast where you can sunbathe and surf and engage in other fun beach and water activities.

When to go to Uruguay

The climate Uruguay is subtropical. Without much varied elevation to block weather patterns, weather can change rapidly. While December through February is the most visited time, Uruguay can be visited and enjoyed year round.

Montevideo, capital of Uruguay

Tourism in Montevideo is centered in the Ciudad Vieja area, which includes the city’s oldest buildings, several museums, art galleries, and nightclubs, with Sarandí Street and the Mercado del Puerto being the most frequented venues of the old city.

As the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo is home to a number of festivals and carnivals. The major annual festival is the annual Montevideo Carnaval which is part of the national festival of Carnival Week, celebrated throughout Uruguay. Read more about Montevideo…