Things to do in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara – The Riviera of the West

Adorned with a beautiful coastline and a quaint neighborhood, Santa Barbara is often compared to its European counterparts that also boast of sprawling fine sand and clear waters. The city is also famous for its Mission-style buildings and Victorian or Spanish Colonial Revival houses.


Things to do in Santa Barbara

Whether you are an indoor or an outdoor type of person, you will not run out of things to do in Santa Barbara. Beachcombing is definitely on top of everyone’s list, but you can also do some sightseeing and city exploration.


Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Spend time with nature in the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, a picturesque landscaped setting where you can see different plants and trees that represent California’s native flora.


Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Exhibiting vast collections of classical European paintings, modern art, and Roman antiquities, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art is always present in an art lover’s itinerary. You can also view temporary exhibits from local and national artists.


Santa Barbara Golf and Ocean Club

If you are searching for a wonderful place to stay, a much recommended option is the Santa Barbara Golf and Ocean Club. It has a wide range of facilities that any holidaymaker can enjoy.


The Santa Barbara Zoo

The Santa Barbara Zoo is worth a visit if you want to see animals, both wild and domesticated. There are over 600 animals being taken care of in the zoo.


When to go to Santa Barbara

Because of the warm-summer Mediterranean climate experienced by Santa Barbara, the city experiences warm summers and slightly cool winters that are moderated by the ocean breezes. Winters are usually rainy and have average temperatures of 8 to 18.9 °C (46.4 to 66.1 °F). Summers are mild and moderate with average highs ranging between 20.9 to 24.4 °C (69.6 to 76 °F).


Events and festivals

From April through October, the Santa Barbara Bowl lights up with different musical events and concerts. There are also a number of fiestas, cultural shows, and sports events held in the city throughout the year so there’s always things to do in Santa Barbara to keep you busy.



Things to do in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Facts

Population90 893
CountryUnited States of America (USA)
CurrencyUS Dollar
AirportSanta Barbara Muni, United States (SBA)

Santa Barbara average temperatures

3~20 °C 3~20 °C 21 °C 23 °C -16~27 °C 21~31 °C 22~35 °C 21~34 °C -15~32 °C -1~28 °C -13~24 °C 0~21 °C


Santa Barbara Marathons

If you’re in Santa Barbara and feel like running a marathon you can choose between two, the Santa Barbara International Marathon and Santa Barbara Trail Red Rock Trail Marathon. The course of Santa Barbara International Marathon takes you through flourishing lemon and avocado orchards and the picturesque Mesa community. Before you finish there is a descent to the Pacific Ocean. A half-marathon is also organized. The Santa Barbara Trail Red Rock Trail Marathon takes you along the California Central Coast, and beyond. This is a fun, pretty simple and low key event.

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Golf in Santa Barbara

There are quite a few golf clubs in Santa Barbara, though many of them are private country clubs. The best public course is definitely Santa Barbara Golf Club, featuring an 18 hole course that is well maintained and extremely popular, so you probably should book in advance. You will get great views of the mountains and the Channel Islands as you do your best to hit the greens.

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