Things to do in North Carolina

A natural taste of the USA with a southern country twist in North Carolina

North Carolina is a great outdoor holiday destination because it offers a variety of landscapes, from coastal areas to mountainous regions. But if you’re are more of an indoor type, looking for indoor recreation, sports, and other leisure activities, don’t worry, the thriving state of North Carolina has got a lot of that too.


Things to do in North Carolina

North Carolina is located in the southeastern region of the United States. It faces the Atlantic Ocean to the east and embraces the Appalachian Mountains to the west. North Carolina is home to many attractions and there are a lot of fun things to do in North Carolina when visiting.

When on holiday, you can easily spend time hanging out on the beaches, hiking the Appalachian Mountains, or camping in one of the many state parks in the area.


North Carolina Beaches

One of the most popular things to do in North Carolina is to spend a day at the beach. There are various beaches in the area where you can enjoy the sun and the sand, stroll along the beautiful beaches or go surfing.


North Carolina State Parks

The North Carolina State Parks are protected areas where you can enjoy natural beauty. There are various parks and recreation areas in North Carolina, Carolina Beach State Park and Fort Macon State Park are two of the most popular ones.


North Carolina Basketball & Football

The sports scene of North Carolina is very active. It is home to three professional sports team: the Carolina Hurricanes of the National Hockey League, the Charlotte Bobcats of the National Basketball Association, and the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League. It is also home to several college sports teams and associations.


North Carolina Zoo

One of the best things to do in North Carolina if you are traveling with kids is to spend a day at the North Carolina Zoo. The North Carolina Zoo is a state-owned zoo which is considered the biggest walk-through zoo in the world. In this zoo, you can see the animals in their natural habitats, not jailed in some pen or cage. It is a big draw for tourists who spend their holiday in this internationally acclaimed travel destination.


When to go to North Carolina

The climate of the state varies depending on the location; the coastal plain has a humid subtropical climate while the Appalachian region has a subtropical highland climate. The coastal plains experience moderate to hot, humid summers coupled with mild winters. The Appalachian Mountains have cooler but very welcoming summers and cold winters.

North Carolina is great to visit any time of the year but the most popular season is summer as it offers the best weather overall. Winter is not as popular of a time to visit, but the state offers many festivities throughout this season, especially around the Christmas and New Year.

North Carolina Facts

Population9 848 060
CountryUnited States of America (USA)
CurrencyUS Dollar
AirportRaleigh Durham Intl, United States (RDU)

North Carolina average temperatures

7~13 °C 6~14 °C 19 °C 25 °C 25~28 °C 29~33 °C 31~33 °C 30~32 °C 27~29 °C 20~24 °C 17~19 °C 8~13 °C


North Carolina Marathons

North Carolina offers a lot of marathons every year. All of them offer full marathons, but almost all of them also have a half-marathon and it is also quite common with 10k and 5k runs. Something for all difficulty levels. Medoc Trails Marathon, located in Medoc Mountin State Park offers you great views over amazing nature while running. Peak to Creek Marathon also provides you with beautiful nature and afterwards you get some barbeque for your achievement. Triple Lakes Trail Marathon is perfect for beginners and City of Oaks Marathon has a total of 6 different races to choose from. Apart from these you also have The Rock ’n’ Roll Raleigh Marathon, New River Marathon, Black Mountain Marathon and many more!

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