Things to do in New Jersey

The State of New Jersey

Enjoy the sun, sporting events and fun in New Jersey. Despite being one of the most densely populated states in the U.S.A., New Jersey has a beautiful coastal area that cuddles up to the Atlantic Ocean. An ideal holiday in New Jersey includes a relaxing walk on the beach, an adventure-filled ride at the Motorsports Park, and a mellow night at the Performing Arts Center.


Things to do in New Jersey


New Jersey Beaches

New Jersey is located on the east coast of America’s Mid-Atlantic region. Because of this, the state is popular for its beaches and other natural attractions. Jersey Shore is a lovely beach destination for tourists and visitors who love swimming, surfing, sunbathing, and other water-related activities.


New Jersey Motorsports Park and New Jersey Grand Prix

If you are an avid fan of professional racing events, you will enjoy going to the New Jersey Motorsports Park. Various state and national motorbike and car races are held each year at the Motorsports Park, including the AMA Pro Road Racing and the ARCA Racing Series. Also, New Jersey is one of the chosen venues of the Grand Prix of America, a major F1 race in the U.S.A..


New Jersey Performing Arts Center

Another place to visit is the New Jersey Performing Arts Center which is located in downtown Newark. It is one of the biggest and most visited performing arts center in U.S.A..


When to go to New Jersey

The northwestern part of the state has a humid continental climate while the rest of New Jersey has a humid meso-thermal climate. The best time to visit the amazing beaches of New Jersey is during the summer when the days are hot and sunny. Prepare yourself for occasional thunderstorms, as they mostly occur during the summer season.


Winters in New Jersey are cold, with the northwestern part almost always experiencing sub-zero temperatures. The other areas of New Jersey are less cold. If you visit the state in April or May, you may be able to witness or participate in the New Jersey Marathon, an annual race that runs a scenic course in and around Long Branch. The marathon attracts 10,000 runners each year.


Most popular tourist destinations in New Jersey

There are many popular cities in New Jersey. New York is of course one of our favorite cities in the state and Jersey City is another large and popular city in New Jersey. So if you are planning on spending your holiday in this beautiful state, you will be spoiled for choice, because there are a lot of things to do in New Jersey and a lot of places to visit.



Things to do in New Jersey

New Jersey Facts

CountryUnited States of America (USA)
CurrencyUS Dollar
AirportAll Airports, United States (NYC)

New Jersey average temperatures

-4~5 °C -5~9 °C 15 °C 21 °C 10~26 °C 17~31 °C 18~33 °C 18~30 °C 13~28 °C 6~21 °C 0~13 °C -2~16 °C


Water Parks in New Jersey - Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags

New Jersey is home to many water parks, Hurricane Harbor is probably the most known out of them all. It is a part of the amusement park Six Flags and it offers a lot of big and thrilling rides as well as activities for the smaller ones. Other water parks in the city include the municipal one, Crystal Springs Aquatic Facility, Runaway Rapids Family Waterpark, Thundering Surf, Tomahawk Lake Waterpark and many more.

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Theme Parks in New Jersey - Six Flags Great Adventure

If theme parks are what you are out after during your stay in New Jersey you will not be disappointed, the state has plenty of them. The most popular of them is probably Six Flags Great Adventure, it is known for its award-winning roller coasters. Jenkinson’s Boardwalk is also popular and it offers you everything you would ever expect from a visit at a boardwalk. If you’re looking for an amusement park on a pier you can visit Casino Pier, Morey’s Piers or Steel Pier. Other fun amusement parks in the state is Fantasy Island Park, Bowcraft Amusement Park, Playland’s Castaway Cove and Gillian’s Wonderland Pier.

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