Things to do in London

Things to do in London – A Multicultural City with Something for Every Taste

If you’re a person that wants a piece of everything, you must experience all the things to do in London, a city that has it all.
The great multicultural capital of the United Kingdom is full of exciting attractions and the city has something to offer everyone.


Tourist attractions in London

London is most famous for its attractions such as Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Westminster, and Big Ben.
But those are just to name a few of the fantastic things to do in London.
While visiting the Buckingham palace, keep your eyes open; you might get a glimpse of the Royal family that resides here.


London Museums

If you love history and culture, London is the town for you. Museums are practically everywhere in London and about anything you can imagine. A visit to the famous Victoria and Albert Museum is a must. Here you can experience history in a wonderful building that in its own is worth going for. The V&A is home to everything from antique jewellery and clothing to contemporary art.
If you are a fan of contemporary art you should head on over to the Tate Modern, or just the Tate as the Londoners would call it. The museum is located just south of the river Thames and while enjoying a cup of coffee in the cafeteria you can look out upon the great London skyline with St.Pauls Cathedral in the foreground. When going back to central London you should start your journey by foot and cross the Thames on the Millenium Bridge, an artwork in itself.
London has a long and fascinating history, best told by one of the Beafeaters at the Tower of London. It doesn’t get more authentic than this. While you bask in the ambiance of the history, you might as well go see the crown jewels of Britain, which are also at the tower.


London Musicals

London is such an entertaining city where you have a great selection of activities to do at night. While in London you must go see one of the world famous musicals. Most of the theatres are located in the West End, which is close to famous Covent Garden, great for the hungry musical enthusiast. Head on over to Covent Garden before or after you’ve seen the show. London’s own China town is located here, experience real Chinese cuisine in an authentic environment.


London Nightlife

The London Nightlife can vary a lot from different areas in the city. There is something for every music taste or clothing style. If you are interested in the luxury life that London has to offer you should have a night out in the famous Mayfair. Visit the famous nightclub Whiskey Mist for star-spotting.
If luxury doesn’t interest you, there are more creative environments to experience. Go to the eastern parts of town and see creativity prosper. In Shoreditch you can enjoy multicultural creativity whilst having a great night out. Go where the locals hang, and try Catch or The Alibi for a genuine East London experience. Both located on Kingsland Road in Dalston, where you can find a couple of other interesting places for a night out.
If you are more into Indie rock the place for you is in the northern parts of town, such as Camden. Here you can experience real “lads” and their ability to drink beer, in one of the many pubs in the area.

London is also home to some of the best gay clubs and pubs in the world. It is overall a very gay friendly city. The nightlife in SOHO is almost only gay clubs and the atmosphere is great and always bubbling.


London Zoo

The London Zoo is one of the oldest in the world. The Zoo opened in 1828 and has today almost 800 different species and almost 20 000 creatures in the Zoo. The London Zoo started out as a scientific Zoo, but today it’s more family orientated and is a good place to take the kids.


The London Aquarium

The Sea Life London Aquarium is the biggest in the UK. The London Aquarium is complete with an underwater tunnel, and many other ways to get up and close to the fish. You can even go snorkelling with sharks.


London Shopping

London shopping is a fantastic experience; there really is something for everyone. If you are a true power shopper, Oxford Street is the place to go. Here you can find almost every high-street shop imaginable. Everything from H&M to Topshop to the world famous Selfridge’s, just pick and choose from the great variety of shops. But, you must be prepared for big masses of people.
If you are looking for more exclusive shopping, you must go west to Harrods, probably the most famous department store in the world. Almost all luxury brands have their own little concession here. Whilst in the neighbourhood you should also stroll down Sloane Street towards Sloane Square. This is where you’ll experience real luxury.


London Fashion Week

London fashion week is held twice a year, in February and in September. People from all over the World flock to London to experience fashion at its best. Even if you are not in the fashion business, but like clothes this will definitely interest you. The London Fashion Week Shows are held at the Somerset House, hang around this area and you will for sure experience great fashion!


Notting hill

The different Areas in London have their own look and feel to them. Portobello Road is a great little street in west London that attracts many people every weekend. Here you will find great vintage finds either in the shops along the street or in the different stalls that are put up during the weekend.
Once every year the Notting Hill Carnival takes place in the area. It is a massive street festival, which offers every kind of festivity imaginable. This Caribbean themed festival is for two days during the bank holiday every August.


Brick Lane

Brick Lane is a well-known street in the eastern part of London. It is the Pakistani area of London, and is one of the most multicultural areas of the city. Brick Lane is today famous for its market and other happenings on Saturdays. Also the street is known for its big variety of creative little shops and second hand shops. For most Londoners and tourists it’s the creative aspects of Brick Lane that attracts them.


Broadway market & London Fields

Another great Market to visit is the Broadway Market. Here you will not make any vintage find, as this market is for food. Foodies all over London gather here during the weekends to buy assorted cheeses or hams. Many of the stalls offer great meals to eat while strolling the market. A good idea is to buy your food at the market and then pop over to London Fields that’s just across the street. This can be made into a whole days experience, as there is something to do any time of day in this great little area. Great beer and ale selection is to be found at the Cat and Mutton, a truly genuine British pub at the top of Broadway Market.


The Great Parks of London

If you visit London during the summer you must take a break from the hectic city and relax in one of the many parks that London has to offer. Every park has its own uniqueness, for example you can visit Victoria Park to rent a boat on a hot summers day.


Regents Canal

Regents Canal is one of the longest canals in London and it goes from east to west. The canal has recently started flourishing and a lot of London’s creatives have moved here. As the housing in London gets more and more expensive, people have started to buy houseboats and live on the Regents canal. There are even a few galleries you can visit on the boats. Take a stroll down the canal to get away from the many tourists and see where the Londoners actually live.


The London Marathon

Also called The Virgin Money Marathon. The London Marathon was established in 1981, going on its 34th year, is the third biggest race of its kind in the UK. The London Marathon takes place during spring, often in April. Running through central of the city and gives you one of the best ways to experience many attractions.


things to do in london


When to go to London

There are always a lot of fun things to do in London! Since the city offers some of the best shopping in the world it might be a great idea to go to London in November or December to do some Christmas shopping. These months are pretty grey, but as long as you stop to warm up with a cup of tea from time to time, you will be ok. With all of London’s museums there are actually not many reasons to stay outside during these months.
London is a fantastic Park city and if you go between may and June you will have a pleasant stay with temperatures from 10-20 degrees.


Get around in London

London is a great City to walk in, if you are in the central parts of town its easy to go from different attractions to the next. The tube in London is one of the worlds best, what you need to know as a tourist on the Tube. Is to look up. The signs are almost always in the ceiling, showing you exactly where to go. What you must know is your compass, before heading down into the tube check if you’re heading, east, west, north or south. This will help you a lot on your tube journey.

London also has great buss communications; don’t be afraid to try one of the Dubble-deckers to see the city live. Travelling by tube doesn’t really give you a comprehensive picture of the city.

London Facts

Population8 174 000
CountryUnited Kingdom
CurrencyBritish Pound
AirportAll Airports, United Kingdom (LON)

London average temperatures

5~8 °C 6~10 °C 12 °C 14 °C 16~18 °C 19~21 °C 21~24 °C 20~23 °C 18~20 °C 13~16 °C 9~11 °C 7~9 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites London - Maritime Greenwich

Greenwich is a district of London perfect for a daytrip to get away from the busy centre. This area contains the ensemble of the Queen’s House, the Royal Hospital for Seamen’s palatial Baroque complex, the Royal Observatory and the surrounding Royal Park, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can get to Greenwich quite easily, by taking the rail or the DLR. Another option that is an attraction by itself is to take the boat ride on the Thames at Westminster and enjoy a guided tour on the river.

Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey including Saint Margaret’s Church

The Palace of Westminster, the Westminster Abbey and Saint Margaret’s Church are some of the places you won’t be able to miss if you are visiting London. Including the famous Big Ben Tower, the ensemble these buildings form in the heart of London is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. Since the 11th century, this site has housed the royal palace through two main reconstructions due to fires and also the Parliament of the United Kingdom. In Westminster Abbey monarchs are crowned, married and buried, and other national memorials and celebrations also take place. The Houses of Parliament offer tours both guided and individual, although the guided ones allow you to visit certain spots that can’t be seen if going by yourself. The abbey is another visit that shouldn’t be missed, so book your tickets in advance to avoid long lines; the outside might be beautiful, but the inside will leave you in awe!

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, along the Thames, have contributed uninterruptedly to the study of plant diversity since its creation in the 18th century. These gardens are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for their contribution to science and to garden design. Kew has its own tube station, so arriving to the Royal Botanic Gardens from London is very easy. Buses and the national rail are other similar options to get there, but if you are in London during the summer, a great way to visit the gardens is to take a boat ride on the Thames River to get to Kew.

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London Opera House

Royal Opera House, London

Situated in the busy district of Covent Garden, the Royal Opera House is the major venue for performing arts in London since its opening in 1732. The Royal Opera House includes the Royal Opera, the Royal Ballet and the Orchestra. Apart from the vast range of performances you can see, the Royal Opera House offers a guided tour of the facility during which you may happen to coincide with a rehearsal of the royal ballet!

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Lady Dinah´s Cat Emporium - Cat Cafe London

Let go of all the tension and stress as you sink into a nice sofa chair and surround yourself with the company of purring friends at London's first Cat Cafe, Lady Dinah´s Cat Emporium. The café is actually also a shelter for cats, aiming to make the cats life as harmonic as possible. If you want to cuddle up with a cat at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium while in London, just make sure to make a reservation before you go.

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The Chocolate Museum, London

The Chocolate Museum, located in the cosmopolitan area of Brixton offers a wide range of chocolate related activities. They offer workshops for the whole family, monthly events, chocolate demonstrations, and of course have a cafe that offers chocolate-y beverages and cakes. They also have an in-house collection of a objects and artifacts dating back to the 18th century as well as a permanent exhibition about worldwide chocolate history and the processing of chocolate. Find more information about London here

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London Marathon

The London Marathon is one of six marathon majors in the world joining a fine crowd consisting of Berlin Marathon, Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, New York City Marathon and Tokyo Marathon. The London Marathon was first run over 30 years ago in 1981 and has since been a great tradition in London in the month of April. The race will take you along the famous Thames River and you will see many of the great sights that London has to offer, including the Tower Bridge, Big Ben and the Surrey Quays in the Docklands. The track is flat and fast, making it a great race to beat your own records. You don't have to be a professional athlete to run in the event though as they offer several different distances and also wheelchair races. So what say you, is it time to challenge yourself to a marathon?

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Golf in London

If you want to experience the best golf that London has to offer, look no further than the London Golf Club. It is located a short car ride outside of the city and features two sensational golf courses that are hailed by professionals as some of the best for tournament golf. The two different courses are called The Heritage and The International and they both have their own unique personality. Of course, there are also many other golf courses to go to. If you are a golfing enthusiast, you can probably stay in London forever!

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Theme Parks in London - A ride for every taste!

If you are looking for some activities for a fun family day in London you won’t be disappointed. The city offers a wide range of different theme parks! Head out to Shrek’s Adventure if you want to experience the Kingdom of Far Far Away. Take a tour in a real Harry Potter spirit at Warner Bros Studio Tour or try a roller coaster that goes from zero to 80mph in two seconds at Thorpe Park. Other fun theme parks in London are Chessington World of Adventures, Legoland Windsor, KidZania and Go Ape Trent Park.

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