Things to do in United Kingdom

Travel to the United Kingdom

Travel to the United Kingdom and travel to the land of groovy accents. Called the UK too, because saying ‘The United Kingdom’ takes quite a bit longer. The UK is made up of four territories: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Great Britian is the large island that contains England, Wales and Scotland. Northern Ireland rests on top of the neighbouring island of Ireland. London is located in England and is one of the top cities alongside Paris and New York City in the Western world. Scotland probably has the grooviest accent of all UK nations combined. One of the principal cities in Scotland is Edinburgh. It’s known for a thriving literary and performing arts scene. Wales is the lesser known UK territory. We do know that singers Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones are both Welsh, as is imaginative writer Roald Dahl, who penned Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Northern Ireland is known for Belfast and its independent spirit.

Fun things to do in the UK

Visit Stonehenge and some of the many castles that guard secrets and tales from past days. You can visit swinging London- home to Big Ben, London Bridge, London Tower and Hampstead Heath- one of the prettiest city parks on the planet. Take your English Tea and order a side of crumpets. Drink beer in a pub. If you visit Somerset House, in Stourbridge, you’ll come across an oddity indeed- their pints stick to the walls! Eat some fish and chips, served in newspaper. In summer you can go to Edinburgh’s famous festival for performing arts. It’s world class.


Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland, and is also the city with the 2nd largest population there and the 7th highest population in the United Kingdom. Read more about Edinburgh…


Glasgow is one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom. It is a Scottish city where culture is greatly integrated in the hearts of the locals. This city mainly attracts tourists who are more into arts and music as it offers a wide array of art forms to admire and appreciate. It is also where the Scottish Open is usually held. Read more about Glasgow…


London is the capital of England in the United Kingdom and there is always things to do in London. It is one of the most developed cities in the world, and definitely a place that many tourists want to see while on holiday – there is somethings for everyone in this big city. Read more about London…