Things to do in Turkey

Travel to Turkey

When you travel to Turkey you are travelling to to a land with a past. You will feel it all around you as you meander through the bazaars, listening to the exotic sounds and inhaling the scent of spices that drifts all around. Adventure to the Cotton Castle and visually pleasing calcite shelves. You’ll hear the call from minarets in Instanbul. You’ll see monuments, mosques, basilicas and budget friendly hotels. With the Black and Mediterranean Seas, you can experience divine beaches. Turkey is a supreme holiday destination- for history buffs, beach seekers and those seeking the extraordinary.


Ankara, Turkey is a vital commercial and manufacturing city with more than four million inhabitants. It is also the capital of the country and the seat of the Turkish government. Read more about Ankara…


Dalaman may not be your target holiday destination in Turkey but if you’re flying in, you might land on its small but busy airport. Its neighboring cities are wonderful coastal areas with sprawling beaches and plenty of tourist attractions. Read more about Dalaman…


Istanbul is in the Marmara Region in northwestern Turkey and features several climates, depending on the location: Mediterranean, humid subtropical, and oceanic. This means that the country has areas of what are called micro-climates due to its large land area. Read more about Istanbul…


Antalya is the third most visited city in Turkey and is home to many well-known beaches and the Antalya nightlife which is widely known . One of the best preserved theaters of ancient times, Aspendos, resides in Antalya. Read more about Antayla…