Travel Trends 2016 | Part 1

Another year has gone by and with that new travel trends has emerged. This week we will have a look at what 2016 has to offer. What will be popular? What will dominate our travel conversations and where will we go? We present: Travel Trends 2016 Part 1!


Hipster Holidays

In 2016, we will not be traveling to Rome to see the Colosseum or to China to see the Great Wall. Instead, we will search for the authentic experiences, the ones that only can be found by the hand of a local. That is why we will find that local hipster that knows every in and out of the city we are visiting.

Travel trends 2016

Travel Communities

This might lead you to wonder: how do I find that person? Or, you are an early adapter and already know. Either way we will use websites like Bookalokal, Couchsurfing or Airbnb to find these locals who can show us the way. We will also see the continuous rise of small travel communities where people get together to discuss all kinds of aspects related to traveling. Are you looking for people to discuss so called ”shoehorn traveling”, meaning traveling on a really tight budget? Here they are. Or are you thinking about exploring the world on your own? Then this place is for you. All over the web these small communities form, influencing how we travel.

Travel Trends 2016


Travel 2.0

This leads us to Travel 2.0. We are no longer talking to travel agents. Instead, we are using technology to gather information, to research the world. We can also see that technology plays a bigger and bigger part in deciding where to go. While some of you might travel to escape technology, many, including me, need high speed wifi wherever we go. We don’t use maps anymore: we use Google maps. We need our apps for many different things, like sharing our moments abroad and finding places and people in the place we are visiting. We have become so dependent on our style of connected living that being disconnected can be a stressful thing. And of course, the reason to travel is not to stress. This leads to that we will see an increase in the advertising of wifi availabilty in Hotels and special traveling subscriptions for mobile subscriptions. Simply put: more ways of staying connected. And it will make our travel experiences even better. It will be Travel 2.0.

Travel Trends 2016

Travel as Identification

Descartes once said: ”I think, therefore I am.” That might have been true back then. Today, the more fitting phrase would be: ”I share, therefore I am.” The need for sharing our lives has probably always been there, we just haven’t had the tools before. Now, with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all other social media, we can show who we are through what we post. By traveling we experience new things, and by framing it through images on Instagram or messages on Twitter, we tell a story about our selves. Studies have shown that we are actually the most happy about our travels when we research it and when we share it with others, not during the actual vacation. While this might sound a little bit depressing, it does show us that traveling is more important than ever for us when we show to others who we are, and just as important when we try to understand ourselves.

Travel Trends 2016

Henrik Vilén
Loves architecture, old landmarks and prefers to spend his time abroad in quaint, small towns or in the countryside. Is the happiest when sitting at a local café with the only sounds being a dog distantly barking in harmony with chatter in foreign languages. The next item on his bucket list is the Easter Island.