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Malin Cronqvist is a true football devotee with a heart that pumps extra hard for traveling. Her passion to discover and photograph new places around the world made us at Owegoo curious. When did her passion start to thrive, where has she been and what does the future hold for her? Here you have her, this weeks Travel Bug, Malin Cronqvist answering five long and five short questions about traveling! 


5 Long

When did your love for traveling start to form?

I have been very blessed with a lot of traveling with my family as I grew up. That is something I really appreciate and a big part of why I love traveling as much as I do today. My first memory when it comes to traveling must be when me and my family went to Lyon, I think a big part of this being such a strong memory for me is that I got to see my favorite football player Kim Kallstrom play for the first time. My first trip without my family was when I went to the party island of Kos with a couple of friends. Which of course was super exciting and fun! I think it was these two different types of trips that started a big interest of mine and left me curious for more.


What triggered you to start traveling?

When my family bought a house in Florida and started going there on a regular basis, I realized just how much I appreciated to get away from home every now and then. So when I graduated high school I took matters into my own hands and made a backpacker trip through Asia with a friend. And that was amazing – the freedom, the beaches and getting to experience new cities every week.




Backpacking in Asia

When I got home from my trip in Asia I still wasn’t satisfied. I wanted more. So I decided to travel on my own and six months later I was on my way to San Francisco to study English. I lived there for five months and oh boy do I love San Francisco! Or all of California really. I love how it is such a multicultural city where there is a million things to see or do, lots of cool city districts and a lovely weather all year around.

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San Francisco

After this I traveled as much as I could. A favorite of mine is when I went island hopping in Greece for three weeks this summer with a friend. Mediterranean climate, stunning views and charming little white and blue houses. You can’t go wrong with a combination like that!





Island hopping in Greece

What is it about traveling that you love so much?

The best part is to experience the hot climate that we rarely get here in Sweden. But I also love to discover new places and most often it comes down to the simplest thing, getting away from home for a while. No matter if it is for a weekend, or three months. I am at my happiest when I get to just stroll around without any needs, eat dinners outside and get to know other cultures. I think it is pretty clear that traveling to warmer countries is my cup of tea. Ski trips can be fun too, but if I have to choose I prefer to spend my money on a trip that involves a lot of sunshine and a warm climate. Preferably an exotic place, far away.


Where are you at the moment?

Right now I am in Stockholm doing an internship, which is really fun! Even though I end up in some exotic place far away sometimes, at least mentally ;)


What does the future hold?

As for right now my next trip will probably be *fingers crossed* Florida! Other than that me and a friend actually just polished the last on our newly started website/blog about traveling. Check it out! So the dream when I graduate college next year is to travel around and see a lot of cool places we can write about. As for right now I am extra curious about South Africa, the Fiji Islands and I also really want to visit my lovely California again.


5 Short

After Beach or After Ski

Beer or Wine

Big city life or Beach

Sightseeing or People Watching

Favorite place:

… I have to say San Francisco, of what I have seen so far.


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Geiranger Fjord


San Francisco

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Check out Malins stunning photos on Instagram!

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