Travel Bug | 5 + 5 With Cilla Dobak

We have all experienced it at some point. Some may only feel it for a second, while some may never get the venom of the creature out of their veins. Yes, I am talking about the travel bug. Once infected by this invisible creature, you’ll experience side effects like constant restless legs, daydreaming, and the urge to always see whats behind the next turn. Yes, the travel bug is real people and we meet up with Cilla, one of the people who are living with the cronical side effects of the travel bugs bite. She is the pro handball player that turned in her running shoes for flip flops and headed out to travel the world for a year, a year that turned in to a still ongoing journey. Owegoo meet up with her to ask her 5 long and 5 short questions about traveling.


5 Long

Where does your love for travels come from?

My curiosity for distant places started already as a child. Many summers were spent in the backseat of my parents car, bickering with my brother as we drove across the the tortuous roads of Europe. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel and see so many wonderful places as a child. When I was 18, me and some friends headed off to Rhodes, my first vacation without my parents. I think it was right then and there that a small fire started to burn inside of me. I saw all the seasonal workers and I just felt in my guts that this was something I should do. However, it was going to take me almost eight years before the dream finally became reality.

Skärmavbild 2015-10-16 kl. 09.03.06 Skärmavbild 2015-10-16 kl. 09.03.31

On the many family road trips across Europe the urge for traveling was born


What triggered you to start to travel?

The first time I visited the Greek Island of Ios I was 20 years old. I had never heard of this place before but a girlfriend suggested we go there for a summer vacation. I have always been a Yes-girl, open to try new things, so I said let’s go for it. It was love at first sight. Ios is the most beautiful place you’ll ever see. With crystal clear calm water surrounding the island, sparkling beaches and beautifully white and blue painted houses covering the hilly landscape it is everything you ever imagined a Greek island to be, and then some. It truly is a paradise. I found myself coming back to this beautiful island year after year and slowly, it became my home away from home. One year I just decided it was time to make my hidden dream of seasonal work a reality, and so I canceled my ticket back to Sweden, got a job and made Ios my home for real.

 Skärmavbild 2015-10-16 kl. 09.31.06

You’ll find the beautiful island of Ios about 45 minute boat drive from Santorini

cilla grek3

As the season started to come to an end, I got an offer to work at a bar in Patong and so I thought; Why not! To many people, Thailand is the perfect paradise, but sadly, I have to say that I am not convinced. On the other hand I spent most of my time working so I probably didn’t give it a fair chance and I’m certain that I’ll be back to give the land of smiles another chance to woo me sometime. After two months in Thailand I started to feel the urge to move and so I found myself in Sydney, Australia. I always had the feeling that I was going to love Australia and it’s safe to say; I was right. I instantly fell in love with this country, and even more so with Sydney. In my opinion, Sydney have everything you’ll ever need; beaches, fantastic people, beautiful scenery and a vibrating nightlife. If you’re ever in Sydney a visit to the Taronga Zoo and a lazy afternoon at Manley Beach is a must!

cilla aussi1

cilla aussi3

For a month I called Australia my home before it was time for a change of temperature. The ticket said Åre, Sweden and so I traded in the bikini for snow boots and headed back to Sweden for a winter season in the beautiful ski resort of Åre. After eight months of tropical heat I was stoked for some cold, crisp air and a real white winter. Doing a winter season was fantastic, but lets just say, it was nice to get back to Ios in May to defrost.

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Where are you at the moment?

Right now I am actually back in Sweden after yet another magical season on Ios. In a few weeks I’ll be off to St Anton in Austria for another white winter and I can’t wait. I just spent 10 amazing days there on my way back from Greece and what can I say, Autumn really suits the Alps and I am really looking forward to see this beautiful place all dressed in white.

cilla öst 5

Autumn in St Anton, Austria


What is it about traveling that you love so much?

The best thing about traveling is all the fantastic people you meet along the way, people from all over the world, and the lessons we can learn from each other. I learn something new every day. It can be everything from new local cuisine to simple greetings. I make it a habit to always make sure to learn some easy and useful phrases in the native language of the places I visit. I think it is the polite thing to do but firmly, in my opinion, it shows a sign of respect for the locals, which is extremely important to me. Also, I just love to try the local cuisine wherever I go, not to mention all the local beers and wine.

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What does the future hold?

I don’t think my love affair with travel will ever end. My goal is to see as much as possible of this beautiful world of ours. To dream about exciting and faraway places is fantastic, but I am determined to make my dreams to more then just dreams. I’m going to make them all a reality. Whether I end up settling down in Sweden, or any other place in the world, I am sure that my heart will always march to the beat of the urge to travel and for the roads yet to wander.


5 short:

After Beach or After Ski
Beer or Wine
Big city life or Beach
Sightseeing or People Watching
Favorite place:
..That’s a hard one, I tend to fall in love with every place I visit, but I think I’ll have to say that Australia is right up there in the top of my list!


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Sanna Friemer
Probably the most frightened adrenaline junkie you’ll ever meet. Have traveled the world, twice, and enjoys local cuisine almost as much as the local environments. Based in Malmö, but there’s always a new travel plan burrowing in her head. Loves a great story, especially when she gets to tell it herself.