Things to do in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a beautiful African archipelago

Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous archipelago off the coast of Tanzania, is an amazing holiday destination. The beautiful beaches, collection of cultural attractions, and lovely outdoor scenery make it extremely popular, especially for couples looking for a place to spend their honeymoon. Zanzibar also has a rich history with the spice trade and seaweed farming, both of which you will be able to learn more about during your stay.


Things to do in Zanzibar

Although it is not a very big island, there’s still a lot of both leisure and interesting things to do in Zanzibar. While on holiday here you’ll be able to combine amazing beachlife with interesting excursion to learn about the wildlife and the history of the island.



While in Zanzibar, you may want to lounge on the open beaches and take in the view of the archipelago. You can take ferries to other islands and explore their lush natural beauty.


Safari tours and diving

There are several companies in Zanzibar that provide city tours and safari excursions, so be sure to spend a couple days joining a guided tour through the parks and game reserves. You can also try diving to see some of the phenomenal underwater scenes around the coast, including dolphins and other sea creatures.


Stone Town Market

Stone Town Market is a great place to explore and see hundreds of handicrafts, clothing, and other souvenirs to bring home. You can haggle with the vendors and should be able to purchase most goods inexpensively.


Eating and drinking

There are excellent restaurants in Zanzibar, including beachside or rooftop restaurants with incredible views.


Spice Tours

Finally, don’t forget to take a Spice Tour where you can see and taste exotic local treats.


When to go to Zanzibar

Zanzibar is warm throughout the year, with a rainy season in the spring. In July, you can experience the Zanzibar International Film Festival which is a great way to see highly-acclaimed local and foreign films. If you visit during the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan, be sure to avoid eating and drinking in public during daytime, as it is a time of religious fasting.


Zanzibar Facts

Population1 303 569
CurrencyTanzanian shilling
AirportZanzibar, Tanzania (ZNZ)

Zanzibar average temperatures

30~32 °C 30~33 °C 33 °C 31 °C 27~30 °C 24~29 °C 24~29 °C 25~29 °C 26~30 °C 26~31 °C 28~32 °C 29~32 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Zanzibar - Stone Town of Zanzibar

Thanks to its intact urban fabric, the Stone Town of Zanzibar is a great example of a Swahili coastal trading town of East Africa. The city contains several fine buildings that reflect the fusion of the African, Arab, Indian and European cultures, and it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the year 2000. You can definitely visit Stone Town by yourself without the need of a guide by walking its streets and gazing at the architecture. The town has good places to eat and have some drinks, but the stores tend to be quite touristy!

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