Things to do in Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is one of the world’s highest mountains

Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain and is located along the Tanzanian and Kenyan border. The mountain is surrounded by the Kilimanjaro National Park where much of Africa’s wildlife roams free. Theres tons of outdoor things to do in Kilimanjaro and it is a dream destination for nature lovers. It has several paths for beginner, intermediate, and experienced climbers.


Things to do in Kilimanjaro


Kilimanjaro National Park

The Kilimanjaro National Park is a great place to enjoy a safari tour or a camping experience among the wild animals. Camping activities and safari excursions are all usually arranged through tour companies that provide vehicles, lodging, and all necessary gear. Simply bring your clothing and toiletries, and the rest is taken care of for you. You will surely see zebras, elephants, lions, giraffes, and plenty of wildlife while on a safari trip. You will probably go out on several drives, depending on how long you want to camp out.


Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not as intimidating as it sounds, since you will have a travel guide and you can climb as high as you would like. There are several different trek paths up the mountain, and no matter how high you climb, you will definitely see incredible views of the surrounding scenery. The mountain itself is divided into several climatic zones which have various flora and fauna that change the higher you go, making your whole journey a very picturesque hike.


When to go to Kilimanjaro

Make sure to plan your trip to Kilimanjaro such as you have plenty of time to hike and explore. Most paths up the mountain take several days to reach the peak, so you won’t want to rush this visit. Also, you will want to see the surrounding areas and may want to visit one of the larger cities in Tanzania, so leave time for those excursions as well. Above all, make the most of it and enjoy the incredible Mount Kilimajaro!




Kilimanjaro Facts

LanguageEnglish, Swahili
CurrencyTanzanian shilling
AirportKilimanjaro Intl, Tanzania (JRO)

Kilimanjaro average temperatures

29~33 °C 29~33 °C 32 °C 29 °C 22~27 °C 21~26 °C 21~26 °C 22~27 °C 22~28 °C 24~31 °C 27~32 °C 28~32 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Kilimanjaro - Kilimanjaro National Park

The Kilimanjaro National Park contains the volcano to which it owns its name, the highest peak in the African continent. In addition, the park is home to many animal species, including numerous endangered ones. Climbing the Kilimanjaro would require at least a week, but you can visit the first base camp or hire tours that will take you up to a certain point depending on how much time you have!

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Kilimanjaro Marathon

In February each year, runners from all over the world travel to Kilimanjaro to take part in this great marathon event. While it may sound challenging with a marathon in Kilimanjaro, the course will not take you up the famous mountain and the track is relatively flat, with a lesser climb after running about 8 kilometers. The race will take you through some of the most scenic areas, passing through small farms, villages, plantations and patches of forest before finishing in the Moshi Stadium where the crowd is waiting to cheer you on. Make your way to their website to register!

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