Things to do in Ystad

Ystad – The city with exciting movie culture and fantastic views

Ystad is a beautiful and spirited city located on the southern coast of Skåne, Sweden. There are a lot of things to do in Ystad and much culture to experience, combined with a lovely beach and beautiful nature. Surely a really nice combo!


Sweden’s eldest cinema

One of the things to do in Ystad is to experience its appreciated and successful movie culture. The eldest cinema in all of Sweden, the cinema theatre Scala, is located in Ystad. Everything in it is restored into original conditions, together with modern technique. The city also offers one of Sweden’s three movie centers, Ystad Studios. And if you’re looking for a movie museum there is one called Cinoteket. Here you can try out some movie related activities, no matter your age.


Home of Wallander

Now, we can’t leave out the one thing Ystad might be most known for can we? We’re talking about Wallander of course. The successful books and movie series about the detective superintendent Kurt Wallander is enacted and recorded here. So don’t miss out on a golden opportunity to experience exciting spots from the series!


Things to do in Ystad

There are a lot of other things to do in Ystad apart from its movie culture of course! Why not swing by an exhibition at Ystads art museum? Or check out the gigantic painting of “Dragoner rider till bad”? It is probably bigger than many first apartments with the size of about 538 square feet. You’ll find it in the military museum of Ystad. And other things to do in Ystad is to visit the city’s most popular sights, the beautiful Gråbröder monastery and the church of Saint Maria.


Ales stenar

Just a little bit outside of the city you have not only one of the most popular things to do in Ystad, but in all of Sweden. To visit Ales stenar (Ales rocks). It’s an ancient stone ship monument, and actually the biggest preserved stone ship in Sweden. It consists out of 59 different rocks where all of them weigh around 10 000 pounds. This cool place definitely deserves a visit!

Relax in Ystad

Ystad is a peachy city during the summer with a lovely beach where you can cool down in the ocean when it’s hot. But with that being said, it doesn’t mean that Ystad only is pleasant during the warmer months of the year. On the contrary. Ystad is a beautiful city for the whole year. Stroll around in the city center, down by the sea or discover artistic nature. Whether it’s summer, fall, winter or spring Ystad is a great place for some relaxation.


Beaches in Ystad

If you're looking for beautiful beaches, Ystad might be the ultimate destination for you, the place is full with them. There are about 30 miles with coast and beaches between Ystad and Österlen where all of them have their own character. Sandhammarens strand is known as the most beautiful beach in Sweden with its white and fine-grained sand. Then there is Sandskogen where you'll find the popular Ystad Saltsjöbad and then we have Rörum with an exotic touch. And many more. The beaches are a good option all year around and not only during hot summer months. Maybe for a walk during winter, a nice picnic in spring or why not sit down by the sea and read a good book in the fall?

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