Things to do in Östersund

Östersund – The Winter Paradise

Östersund, Sweden’s centre, the City of Winter or the Pearl of Jämtland, is found, as you might have guessed, in the centre of the country of Sweden. Every year, the city turns into a winter paradise with many wonderful activities to keep you busy or, if busy is not what you are looking for, to disconnect and enjoy the snow-white landscape!


Things to do in Östersund


The Winter Park

If you are in Östersund during winter, Vinterparken is a lovely place to spend the day. Vinterparken is a natural meeting point during winter where you can grill sausages, ice-skate, go cross country skiing or on a kicksled, take a walk, have a coffee and a piece of cake or a pastry (Swedes’ beloved activity, fika), visit the winter baths or simply settle in one of the deck chairs on the ice and enjoy the sun.

Another great winter activity is a dog sled tour. Just a fifteen-minute ride away from the city you will find The Howling Dog Farm, where you can put on a warm reindeer skin, jump on a sleigh and let the dogs take you on a wonderful safari experience through the snowy landscape. Just remember to wear warm clothes and shoes!


Multi Challenge – Adventure House

If your competitive vein is tingling during your stay in Östersund, you can head over to Multi Challenge, a 7,000 square-meter adventure house situated in the centre of Östersund. Here you will find go-carts, climbing walls, laser tag and arcade games.



If you are after a slightly different museum experience, make a visit to the museum Jamtli, an indoor museum with various exhibitions as well as an open-air museum with historic houses and farms. Around every corner awaits a surprise, something to amaze you or a task to solve. A fun way to learn new things!



Östersund hosts one of Sweden’s oldest town festivals, Storsjöyran. The celebrations start seven days before the actual festival begins with what is called yranveckan (the frenzy week), with amusement parks, film festivals, and street artists. During the last days of yranveckan, before the festival starts, you can see less famous artists on stages around the city.


Things to do in Östersund

Östersund Facts

Population44 000
CurrencySwedish Krona
AirportÖstersund Airport, Sweden (OSD)

Östersund average temperatures

-3 °C -3 °C 1 °C 6 °C 12 °C 16 °C 19 °C 17 °C 12 °C 6 °C 1 °C -2 °C