Things to do in Gotland

Things to do on Gotland


– The modern destination with an agent history

Spend your vacation on one of Sweden’s absolute favorite destinations. The fabulous Island of Gotland with it’s exciting history and beautiful scenery never seem to stop fascinating it’s visitors. With breathtaking nature of steep cliffs, pebbled beaches, sea-stacks, white sandy beaches and rugged lands, Gotland offers a fantastic and variated landscape filled with historic places and exciting adventures.

Historic Gotland

Gotland is an island with a long and exciting history to tell. Scattered all over the island you’ll find old ruins, rune stones and other historical places and objects telling stories of times past. Are you interested in learning more about the history of the island and how the people of Gotland have lived over time, make sure to visit the Museum of Gotland and the Bunge Museum.

UNESCO world heritage site of Visby

If you are interested in visiting an UNESCO world heritage site make your way to the beautifully town of Visby. The historic city became part of the Unesco-list in 1995. Around town meanders a great town wall that, together with a lot of old church ruins and other historical buildings, tells the story of an interesting historic heritage. The great wall sounding the town is over 3.5 kilometer long, equipped with over 50 different towers and is in fact one of the best preserved town walls in the world. Make sure to not miss out on the fantastic Sankt Maria Cathedral that rises above the historic town.

Gotland’s Sea-stacks

Another must-do on your visit to the largest island in Sweden is to go see one of the island’s biggest natural attractions – the beautiful sea-stacks. You’ll find the beautifully rugged shaped stones scattered along the island’s coast line but if you head over to Langhammars on Fårö on the north parts of the island you’ll find one of the most recognized collection of sea-stacks. There, in the rugged landscape along the coast line of Fårö, surrounded by limestone beaches, you’ll se the impressive sea-stacks rise up to over ten meter of hight. If you prefer the southern parts of the island you can head on over to see the Hoburgsgubben witch is a famous sea-stack that, if you look at it form a specific place, looks like an old man.

Camping Gotland

If you are the outdoorsy type you’ll love Gotland. The beautiful and scenic island is perfect for camping. You’ll find a great selection of campsites around the island, providing you with all the necessaries you want and need.

Beaches and Swimming

In the northern parts of the Island, in Fårö, you’ll find one of the most beautiful and longest sandy beaches Gotland have to offer. With white, soft sand and shallow water, it is the perfect beach for you if you are traveling with kids. On the west coast you’ll find another fine sandy beach, Ljugarn. The beach stretches for kilometers along the western coast. Ljugarn is located not far from another famous sea-stack area called Folhammar, so you could kill two birds with one stone during your visit here. if you are looking to mix some excitement with your swim you should instead head on over to the old limestone quarry, Den Blå Lagunen (The blue Lagoon), where you can jump from the cliffs into the water filled limestone quarry. There is also a sandy beach if you are not up for the challange of cliff jumping.

The Medieval Week

Go on an exciting journey through time and travel back to the year of 1361. Every year, during a week in august, the medieval age comes to life in the former powerful Hansa Town of Visby. During the medieval week you can take part in over 300 historically accurate events. The medieval week is Sweden’s absolute biggest historical festival. Enjoy music, performances, fairs, crafts, tournament and lectures, all in the name of medieval times.

Gotland Facts

Population57 265
CurrencySwedish Kronor
AirportVisby, Sweden (VBY)

Gotland average temperatures

1 °C 1 °C 3 °C 8 °C 14 °C 18 °C 20 °C 19 °C 15 °C 10 °C 6 °C 3 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Gotland - Hanseatic Town of Visby

The town of Visby used to be the main centre of the Hanseatic League from the 12th to the 14th century, and today it is the best preserved fortified trade city in the north of Europe! Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the former Viking site contains ramparts from the 13th century and more than 200 warehouses and the houses of many rich merchants. If you visit, keep in mind the free guided tours of the town!

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