Things to do in Sweden

Travel to Sweden

There are many wonderful discoveries to be made in Sweden, both for repeat travellers and first time visitors. The capital, Stockholm, is a collection of tiny islands, while Northern Sweden has few residents but absolutely breathtaking views of land and sea and sky. The South of Sweden is home to the multi-culti hip town of Malmö, which is connected to Copenhagen (and it’s international airport) via a 10 km bridge. Travel to Sweden and engage your senses with smart design and sophisticated simplicity. Feed your mind while experiencing thoughtful communities and smart city planning. Drink some of the best coffee. Ever.


Kiruna is a great place to see the Northern Lights. Located in the far north of Sweden, Kiruna is a small town that offers a unique experience in both winter and summer. Read more about Kiruna…


Stockholm, also known ”Venice of the North” is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The archipelago, fashion scene, nightlife and absolute stunning scenery are some of the reasons making Stockholm Sweden’s number one tourist attraction year after year with people visiting all year around. Read more about Stockholm…


A vivid nightlife, great shopping, green parks, great culture scene, nice beach life (during summer) and a friendly atmosphere makes Malmö an ideal holiday destination.
Read more about Malmö…


Situated on Sweden’s west coast, Gothenburg is a large city with modern and futuristic tourist attractions. Gothenburg (Göteborg) is known for its friendly and accommodating atmosphere. It is considered a global city because of its significant contribution in the global economic scene. Read more about Gothenburg…


Helsingborg is a scenic city in the south of Sweden and a perfect destination for a weekend vacation.
Here you can enjoy everything from old-style architecture to great shopping and culture events. Read more about Helsingborg…


Lund is one of the oldest cities in Sweden. Because of this, the city is often considered one of the most favorite Swedish cities among tourists. There are plenty of historic squares, churches and typical houses throughout the city. Read more about Lund…