Things to do in Sucre

Sucre – the most tranquil city in Bolivia

Sucre is often called the “White City” because of its white walled buildings and neat, clean streets. It is a wonderful destination for a relaxing holiday and many tourists find themselves staying a little longer than planned. Many visitors also go to Sucre to learn and practice the Spanish language because of the inexpensive and interactive Spanish lessons available in the city.


Things to do in Sucre

While in Sucre, you can stroll along the wide plazas and quiet streets. Beautiful churches, quaint cafes, and historic museums are found throughout the city. But one of the best things to do in Sucre is to simply take a relaxing walk and enjoying the beautiful city and its soundings. Do not underestimate the enjoyment of doing ”nothing”


Hiking & Waterfalls

Just outside the city, you can hike and see the 7 waterfalls and swim in the cool lakes. Bring along a towel, sunscreen, swimsuit, and snacks to enjoy the surrounding greenery.


Parque Bolivar

If you are traveling ‘en couple’, you can take a romantic walk through the Parque Bolivar which leads up to Bolivia’s Supreme Court building.


Spanish Lessons

One unique feature of Sucre is the wide selections of interactive Spanish lessons available. You can take a group tour of the city while learning Spanish for a very low price, making the lesson fun and more effective.


Cal Orkco

Cal Orkco is an incredible museum of dinosaur footprints with a huge wall showing off this awesome bit of history. If you have children, they will love this spectacular exhibit.


Tapestries & Chocolates

Sucre is famous for its handmade tapestries and homemade chocolates. Make sure to sample the sweets when you buy some to take back home and note that scarves make wonderful presents and pack especially easily due to their light weight.


When to go to Sucre

The city has predominantly gentle cool to warm weather year round, so there is never a bad time to visit. The annual average temperature is 15.61°C (60.15°F).


Every March, there is a traditional festival where the Bolivian culture really comes to life. No matter when you visit, you won’t forget your holiday in the peaceful city of Sucre.



Sucre Facts

Population300 000
CurrencyBolivian Bolviano
AirportJuana Azurduy De Padilla, Bolivia (SRE)

Sucre average temperatures

19 °C 19 °C 19 °C 19 °C 19 °C 19 °C 19 °C 19 °C 20 °C 21 °C 21 °C 20 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Sucre - Historic City of Sucre

Most people would say La Paz is the capital city of Bolivia, but you won’t be one of them anymore: although it does have more government departments, the official capital of Bolivia is Sucre, founded by the Spanish during the first half of the 16th century. If this is not enough to make you want to visit it, you should also now it is part of the World Heritage List of UNESCO, and its position is well deserved. The organised streets of the Historic City of Sucre in the shape of a grid, common of the Spanish towns of the moment, makes it easy to move around. It is your chance to see how the styles coming from Europe and the local traditions that already existed have blended, and visit the Casa de la Libertad (House of Liberty) Museum to learn a bit about the place where the independence of Bolivia was signed.

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