Things to do in Madrid

Madrid – the capital of Spain

Madrid is the the capital of Spain and one of Europe’s largest.

The city is located in the center of Spain, surrounded by impressive mountains and dry land.


Things to do in Madrid

Madrid has a rich history from its significant role as the center of the Spanish Empire. The city overflows with palaces, cathedrals, and other remnants of awe-inspiring ages. These ancient symbols contrast to the city’s modern developments such as busy city streets, vivacious nightlife, and a multicultural population from all over the world.


Eating and drinking

The people of Madrid really know how to enjoy life, which for them often includes eating.

If you order a glass of wine (and did we say it’s probably the cheapest price for a glass of wine in all of Europe?!) you’ll most probably get a small tapas- some olives or nuts with it.

The long lunches are fantastic and for around 10 euros in many spots you’ll get a three course meal- and that’s with wine included in the price.

Madrid also has the highest number of bars per capita in all of Europe, so make sure to taste the nightlife scene and sip a few martinis while enjoying the city.


Madrid Attractions

There’s many places to see and a lot of things to do in Madrid. The city itself is beautiful and it’s nice to just walk around and look at the old, magnificent buildings and all the fantastic street art.
Palacio Real is the royal palace and is a popular attraction that the whole family will appreciate. If you’re interested in art you can visit Museo del Prado, Centro Cultural Reina Sofia or Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. If you have children, a great idea is to spend the day at the Madrid Zoo and Aquarium where you can see dolphins, pet some lemurs, and check out some beautiful birds.


Shopping in Madrid

For those of you looking for shopping, you’ll find most brands in Fuencarral and Gran Vía.

If you’re looking for more exclusive shopping then head to Salamanca.

For more alternative stuff, take a walk to Malasaña where you’ll also find some cozy cafes and restaurants.


When to go to Madrid

Madrid is a great city to visit year round. From April to October the temperature is wonderful. During these months you’ll see people relaxing and hanging out on terraces and plazas.

In every street corner there’s a cafe where you can get a cup of coffee or something to eat.

In august it gets really warm and a large part of the city’s population escape to the mountains or the sea.

In winter time it can get a bit chilly in Madrid but as long as you have a warm jacket, you’ll be fine.

Madrid always has some kind of event going on, including the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, where you can see top models showing off the latest in Spanish and European design. Make sure to se what is happening in the vibrant city during your visit!


Things to do in Madrid

Madrid Facts

Population3 284 110
AirportBarajas, Spain (MAD)

Madrid average temperatures

2~11 °C 3~13 °C 18 °C 18 °C 10~24 °C 16~29 °C 21~34 °C 21~33 °C 17~28 °C 10~21 °C 5~15 °C 3~11 °C


La Gatoteca - Cat Cafe Madrid

At the Cat Cafe La Gatoteca you are welcome to play as much as you like with the furry cats. All the money spent at the café, weather it is on drinks, food or souvenirs, go straight back to the cats. Win win for everyone.

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Madrids Opera House

Teatro Real

Teatro Real, or El Real as the locals call it, is located in close proximity of the Plaza de Oriente park where visitors also can gaze upon the Royal Palace of Madrid. The opera house opened their gates in November 1850 after over 30 years of planning and construction. Every year, around 20 different opera pieces are performed here including both local productions but also collaborations with other major European opera houses. If you want to know more about Teatro Real while you are in Madrid we highly recommend taking part in their guided tours that are available in many languages where you get to learn everything there is to know about the history of opera and the building. You can also attend the workshops that the opera house arrange, which can be a cool thing to try out!

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites Madrid - Monastery and Site of the Escurial

Situated at the foothills of the Sierra de Guadarrama to the north of Madrid, the 16th-century Escurial Monastery served as the retreat of the mystic king Philip II. Designed by Juan Bautista de Toledo, Michelangelo’s Spanish pupil during the design of the Vatican Basilica, the building has an austere yet complex architecture and it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Madrid Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

The Madrid Rock 'n' Roll Marathon is part of a rock themed marathon series that has been enjoyed by thousands of people since they started in 1998. If you have ever run a marathon, you know how important it can be to feel motivated. The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon series is known for having live rock bands performing along the routes and special themed water and nutrition stations along the way. The Madrid Rock 'n' Roll Marathon is held in the month of April each year and every year, contestants witness to how fun it is to run. While you might bring a music player with you while running, it is not needed in this race as the course is filled with entertainment along the way!

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Golf in Madrid

Many golfers hold Spain as one of the best countries for golf, and where better to go then than the Capital? There are many courses near central Madrid, and even more if you are willing to go for a bit of a roadtrip. One of the best centrally located courses (a bit to the north of the city) is the Real Sociedad Hipica Española Club de Campo, a fantastic 36 hole golf course with two beautiful lakes and overall great design. A bit to the west you'll find another course worthy of your attention, the Nuevo Club De Golf De Madrid. It is an 18 hole course made for a pleasant and varied golf experience. One of the most centrally located courses seen from the inner city of Madrid is the Real Club de la Puerta de Hierro, a historic course opened in 1904 which to this day holds an exclusive atmosphere. It can be hard to get a play time here, so be sure to call in advance. Last but not least we have the Club de Campo Villa de Madrid, located very close to Real Club de la Puerta de Hierro, considered one of the best in the country!

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Water Parks in Madrid - Fun in the water at Aquapolis Water Park

When you are in Madrid and feel like experiencing some fun and adventurous water splashing you have two options. The first one is at The Madrid Amusement Park, this place isn’t mainly a water park, but it offers some water rides in addition to the other roller coasters and attractions. This is a good choice if you want the best of both worlds. The other option is Aquapolis Water Park, which is the local water park with one mission, having lots of fun in the water! No matter what age you can get your adrenaline pumping on the many different water slides. But if you’re in the more in the mood for relaxation you can just lay down on a sun lounger and enjoy.

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Theme Parks in Madrid - Thrilling rides at The Madrid Amusement Park

Just outside of the city centre of Madrid you'll find a whole world with fun and adventure at The Madrid Amusement Park. This place offers thrilling rides such as The Tornado and The Shuttle as well as a specially designed children's area with exciting attractions for the tots. A great place to go for a fun family day where every member will find something in their own thrill level.

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