Things to do in Seoul

Seoul – city of traditions and metropolitan growth

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is a city with deep-running cultural history and a fast-paced city life. The cultural contrasts of Seoul make it an ideal destination for a memorable holiday, whether you spend it visiting serene Buddhist temples or exploring the wild downtown nightlife.


Things to do in Seoul

Seoul is one of the largest and most competitive world capitals, with a dense population and diverse work force. Visiting the city you’ll find that there is always a lot of things to do in Seoul while on vacation.


Temples & Historical Sites

Cultural wonders such as temples and shrines are beautiful places to explore in Seoul. The city has a rich historic and cultural story to tell, and the best way to learn about it is to visit these monuments.


Seoul Nightlife

The city’s nightlife is vibrant and exciting and surrounding suburban centers have their own night scene. Some areas cater to foreigners and have western-style bars, clubs, food, and music. Other areas are more localized and play K-pop music, the popular Korean music genre. Some venues have a variety of sexy and entertaining social scenes.







Seoul Arts Center

The Seoul Arts Center is also a popular place to watch excellent shows, dances, and other forms of performing arts.


Seoul Zoo

Seoul has several theme parks. One of the most visited is Everland, a theme park that presents a miniature zoo with a lion-tiger hybrid.


When to go to Seoul

Because Seoul has so much to offer, checking which citywide events are taking place during your holiday will make your travel experience much better.


Seoul Fashion Week

The Seoul Fashion Week is an incredible display of luxury fashion trends and gorgeous runway models.


World Comic Convention

A more frequent event, the World Comic Convention in Seoul, takes place once a month featuring Korean young adults dressed up as their favorite comics and anime characters.


Seasonal Festivals

Finally, Seoul has seasonal festivals celebrating each turn of Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter, marking a citywide celebration of the changing of seasons.


Things to do in Seoul

Seoul Facts

Population10 140 000
CountrySouth Korea
CurrencySouth Korean Won
AirportIncheon Intl, South Korea (ICN)

Seoul average temperatures

0~2 °C 2~4 °C 10 °C 17 °C 19~22 °C 24~26 °C 27~28 °C 28~29 °C 24~25 °C 18~19 °C 10~11 °C 3~4 °C


Theme Parks in Seoul - Laser show at Seoul Land

If you’re looking for the first comprehensive theme park in Korea the place to go is Seoul. The city offers you Seoul Land, which consists out if five different themed areas. Stroll around between the many attractions in Future Land, Fantasy Land, Adventure Land, Samcheoli Land and World Plaza. The park is known for its laser shows in the evenings so round off your fun-filled day by watching one!

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Seoul Opera House

Seoul Arts Center

The Seoul Arts Center was established in 1988 and is a massive performance arts center located in the heart of Seoul. The center features several buildings with their own purpose, including the Concert Hall, IBK Chamber Hall, the Recital Hall and the Opera House. Since it was ready for use in 1993, the Opera House has been a landmark of the arts center sticking out with its clever design inspired by the traditional Korean Got hat. The Korean National Opera reside here together with several other national performance arts companies, so make sure to have a look at their website to see what they have in store for you when you are there.

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Cat Cafe Seoul

Norie Café

Norie Café will be a wonderful experience for any cat lover. The passionate owner of the café takes well care of the café's cats as well as its costumers. The café is nice and inspiringly decorated and filled with climbing towers and other fun toys for the cats to play with, to ensure the cat's well-being.  

Cat Attic

The cat Attic cafe is a cat cafe chain with locations all around Korea. The cafes are equipped with fun toys for the cats to play with as well as climbing towers, designed by the owners themselves. Come on over, have something to drink or eat and watch the cats play around in the cafe or why not join them in their games.

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites Seoul - Changdeokgung Palace Complex

Built in the 15th century as the secondary royal palace of the Joseon dynasty, Changdeokgung had great influence on Korean architecture and garden design for many centuries. Its design was based on pungsu principles, a system based on harmony with nature. The Changdeokgung Palace Complex is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The visit to the Secret Garden is highly recommended but it requires a guide and it’s 3 km long!

Jongmyo Shrine

Originally constructed in the 14th century and rebuilt in the 17th century after the Japanese invasion, the Jongmyo shrine is the oldest Confucian royal ancestral shrine. Jongmyo houses the spirit tablets of the kings and queens of the Joseon dynasty that the kings of the moment would visit to pray for safety and fortune. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Built during the 7th century and reconstructed during the 17th century anticipating an attack, Namhansanseong was the emergency capital for the Joseon dynasty. Due to the redesign in the 17th century, the fortified city reflects especially well the defensive and military power in Korea during that century. The emergency capital, defended by Buddhist soldier-monks, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and contains evidence of civil, religious and military buildings.

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Seoul Marathons

Seoul in South Korea has two annual marathons. The first one, Seoul International Marathon, is held in March and is the third longest running road running competition in Asia. It also organizes the Seoul International Wheelchair Marathon. The JoongAng Seoul Marathon takes place in the southeast part of the city in November every year. It is considered a fast run since most of the course is flat.

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