Things to do in Pohang

See the Hand of Harmony in Pohang

Pohang, located in the northern part of South Korea, is a beautiful seaside city that attracts people looking for a great place to spend their holiday in every year. Two extremely famous and spectacular statues are the Hands of Harmony, which stretch towards the sky and are located in the easternmost part of the country.


Things to do in Pohang

There are many attractions and things to do in Pohang while you visit but something you don’t want to miss out on is walking along the crowded city streets where you get a nice feel of the local culture and tempo. The city has a fantastic atmosphere that is really nice to experience up close.



The city is well known for its beaches that can be very crowded because they are so lovely and unique. Each of them offers different activities, from snorkeling to lying in the sunshine so choose the one that best suits your wishes and interests.



Don’t forget to go downtown and check out the vibrant and welcoming nightlife of the city. There are plenty of bars, pubs, and other places where you can get a drink and meet new people.


Jukdo Market

Make sure to walk through the Jukdo Market downtown where you’ll find a huge array of bustling vendors selling food and fresh fish from the nearby port.


Exploring the mountains

Also, visit some of the nearby mountains and see Buddhist temples hidden away in nature for an unforgettable experience.


Travel to Seoul

If you are feeling adventurous, take the train to Seoul for a day of sightseeing and marvel at the bright lights and streets in this capital city.


When to go to Pohang

Pohang has cold winters and hot summers. Average summer temperatures reach up to 25 °C (80 °F) and this makes the season the most common time to visit.



New Year’s Eve is an extremely popular festivity in Pohang because the city explodes in fireworks and celebrations that go into the next morning. There is also a summer Fireworks Festival that draws crowds from all over the world and is well worth attending.



Pohang Facts

Population520 305
CountrySouth Korea
CurrencySouth Korean Won
AirportPohang, South Korea (KPO)

Pohang average temperatures

5~6 °C 6~7 °C 12 °C 18 °C 19~22 °C 22~25 °C 25~28 °C 26~28 °C 23~25 °C 19~21 °C 13~14 °C 8 °C