Things to do in Daegu

Daegu is known as the Apple City for producing famously delicious apples

Daegu, located in South Korea, is a wonderful and exciting city with rich cultural tradition and beautiful city parks. The city is just outside Palgongsan Mountain which attracts visitors looking for a challenging hike. Daegu is the perfect holiday location and you will enjoy learning more about its unique local culture and history while visiting.


Things to do in Daegu

Daegu is a fantastic place for a holiday. No matter if you are a nature lover, or a history buff, there’s always things to do in Daegu to suit your interests.


Palgongsan Mountain

If you love nature, take a hike to Palgongsan Mountain and trek up towards the summit where a statue of Buddha rests and is storied to grant a single wish to those who make it to the top of the mountain.



While in Daegu, you will enjoy walking through the city streets and looking at the colors of the tall buildings downtown. You’ll find a wonderful art museum where you can see paintings and other displays of creativity and excellent design.



The city nightlife is fun to explore, with rock bars, clubs, and pubs scattered around the downtown area. You may want to spend an evening at the lovely Opera House and see an unforgettable performance of a classic opera. At night, you can also look at the brightly-lit Woobang Tower which is the tallest building in the city.


Travel to Seoul

It is so easy to get around in Daegu. Most visitors take the KTX train to Seoul to see the vibrant and crowded capital city while in South Korea.


When to go to Daegu

Daegu has cold winters and hot summers, with temperatures reaching up to 30 °C (90 °F). The city has an annual International Opera Festival and there is a famous Mask Festival in Andong, one of Daegu’s neighboring cities. Both of these are wonderful events to attend so come join in the celebrations if you have the chance.



Daegu Facts

Population2 527 566
CountrySouth Korea
LanguageSouth Korean
CurrencySouth Korean Won
AirportDaegu Ab, South Korea (TAE)

Daegu average temperatures

4~7 °C 6~8 °C 13 °C 19 °C 22~24 °C 24~28 °C 27~30 °C 28~31 °C 25~26 °C 21~22 °C 13~16 °C 6~9 °C


Daegu Marathon

The Daegu Marathon has been an annual event in April since 2009 and was host of the World Championships Marathon in 2011. The course starts and finishes at the City Hall and will take you on a tour around the inner city of Daegu up north towards the Geumho River and down south towards the Daegu Hanny University and features many more sights for the visiting marathon runner to enjoy. Visit their website to register for the next event!

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