Things to do in Cheongju

Cheongju is a major transportation hub in South Korea

Located in the central part of South Korea, Cheongju is at the crossroads of different major travel routes in the country. It also houses one of the principal domestic airports in South Korea, which makes the city a busy transportation center for tourists and locals. There isn’t a long list of holiday destinations in Cheongju, but the city is still worth a day or two of touring and sightseeing.


Things to do in Cheongju


The Sangdang Mountain Fortress

You can trek the slopes of Mt. Uam to reach the Sangdangsanseong or the Sangdang Mountain Fortress. You can spend your time appreciating the impressive 18th-century fortress or you can check out the restaurants within the walls.



If you are looking for places to relax and unwind, you will surely find the finest spas and bath houses in the city. Spa-Ville is one of the most recommended spa centers because of its nice facilities and convenient location near the bus terminal.


Local sights

Other points of interest in the city are the Cheongju Zoo, Yukgeori Market, and Heungdeok Temple Site.


Getting out of the city

If you want to explore beyond the city limits, you can choose to ride a bus or a plane to get to your destination. There are buses to Seoul, Busan, and Daegu while the airport services a range of domestic flights, plus a limited number of international flights.


When to go to Cheongju

The city of Cheongju experiences a humid subtropical climate bordering on a humid continental climate, with four distinct seasons and strong monsoon influences. The summer season is hot, humid, and rainy while the winter season is cold and frosty. January is the coldest month with an average temperature of −1.0 °C (30.2 °F) while August is the hottest month with a mean temperature of 25.6 °C (78.1 °F).


The seasons of spring and autumn are generally the best times to visit Cheongju since the summer season brings plenty of monsoon rains and wintertime can be too chilly for your taste. However, the city offers seasonal activities for tourists and holidaymakers so there’s always things to do in Cheongju, whenever you visit!


Things to do in Cheongju

Cheongju Facts

Population670 680
CountrySouth Korea
CurrencySouth Korean Won
AirportCheongju International Airport, South Korea (CJJ)

Cheongju average temperatures

1~3 °C 3~5 °C 11 °C 18 °C 23~24 °C 26~27 °C 28~29 °C 29~31 °C 25~26 °C 19~20 °C 11~12 °C 4~6 °C