Things to do in Kimberley

Kimberley is a historic mining city

Kimberley is located in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa. It was an important diamond mining town in the 18th-19th century and as a result, the world-famous Big Hole can still be seen in the city. Aside from the popular mines that dot the city, other landmarks and tourist attractions make Kimberley an ideal holiday destination.


Things to do in Kimberley

If you wish to visit every tourist attraction and check of all the things to do in Kimberley, be prepared to have a long itinerary. Different memorials, historic houses, museums, and galleries dot the city.


Museums and Art Galleries

The McGregor Museum is dedicated to the ecology and history of the Northern Cape Province. There are tons of research collections and exhibits that you can see in this place. If you appreciate the arts, you should visit the William Humphreys Art Gallery because it houses one of the most extensive collections of South African paintings, graphics, and sculptures.


The Kimberley Club

If you are still looking for a wonderful place to stay in the city, the Kimberley Club is both a national monument and a boutique hotel. Another national monument is the Dunluce, a special home built in the 1800s.


Flamingo Island

Flamingo Island is another amazing holiday destination, especially for birdwatchers and nature lovers. You can see thousands of Lesser Flamingos in this place because it is one of the very few places in South Africa where these flamingos live and reproduce.


When to go to Kimberley

The city of Kimberley experiences a long, hot, and wet summer season and a short, dry winter season. In the summer months of September through April, average temperatures range from 17.1 to 25.1°C (62.6 to 77.2°F). During the winter season, the daily mean temperatures range between 10.2 to 13.5°C (50.4 to 56.3°F). The hottest month is January, the coldest month is June, and the rainiest month is February.





Things to do in Kimberley

Kimberley Facts

Population225 160
CountrySouth Africa
LanguageAfrikaans, English
CurrencySouth African rand
AirportKimberley, South Africa (KIM)