Things to do in Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein – The City of Roses

Bloemfontein is one of South Africa’s three national capitals and is regarded as the “City of Roses” because of the abundance of wild roses that grow throughout the city. There is even an annual rose festival to celebrate these beautiful flowers. With lovely streets, malls, and restaurants you won’t have a problem finding things to do in Bloemfontein during your visit.


Things to do in Bloemfontein



Bloemfontein is not only a prime holiday destination but also a popular place for backpackers who want to traverse the city. There are excellent accommodations for backpackers across the city including hostels and other low-cost inns and bed-and-breakfasts.


Bloemfontein Zoo

The Bloemfontein Zoo is also another popular place to visit, especially because of the historic 1930s Liger, a cross between a lion and a tiger, which has been stuffed and is still on display as the largest species of cat in the world.



Finally, the Bloemfontein Golf Club has impressive grounds and is the perfect spot to enjoy a cool cocktail and some leisure rounds of golf.


Bloemfontein Spa

For a relaxing getaway, book yourself a massage at the Bloemfontein Spa which has excellent service and a calming environment. This is a great way to ease your tired feet and weary body from a whole day of sightseeing and touring.


Escaping the city

Just outside of the city, there is a huge luxury hotel and casino complex that is a great escape for those who want to have a night or weekend out.


When to go to Bloemfontein 

The climate in South Africa consists of hot months from November to April and cool months from June to August. The warm months generally experience the most rainfall and the cold months frequently experience frost but snow is a very rare occurrence. Be sure to look at the weather forecast before visiting so that you are well prepared to make the most of your special Bloemfontein holiday and vacation.




Things to do in Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein Facts

Population465 447
CountrySouth Africa
LanguageEnglish, Afrikaans
CurrencySouth African Rand
AirportBloemfontein Intl, South Africa (BFN)

Bloemfontein average temperatures

30 °C 28 °C 26 °C 23 °C 19 °C 17 °C 17 °C 19~20 °C 22~24 °C 25 °C 27 °C 29 °C


Golf in Bloemfontein

There are two 18 hole golf courses in Bloemfontein: Schoeman Park Golf Club and Bloemfontein Golf Club. Both are made to be enjoyed no matter if you are an experience golf player or more of a beginner, with many different tee distances and fairly simple layouts with a couple of difficult holes. With very few water hazard there is a strong possibility to reach the end of a round of golf without having lost any balls. And if you are a golfer, you know that that doesn't happen every time.

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