Things to do in Santorini

Santorini, isle of dreams in shades of azure and turquoise

Santorini is a Greek island set in the Aegean sea, crowned with being one of the most majestic travel destinations in the world as well as being one of the most photographed. When your eyes fall upon an image of a picturesque Grecian village, there is a good chance it is of Santorini, which is also called Thera or Thira. Santorini is a stacked skyline filled with domes and gentle curving architecture, hand-carved into the cliffs and perched high above the sea.


Things to do in Santorini



Popular beaches, like Perissa and Kamari, comprise of lush white sands and never-ending translucent blue vistas; where the sky and sea melt into one another, creating an infinitive backdrop to your dream vacation. Honeymoons often occur in Santorini due to such indulging circumstances, but as long as you have the envy, Santorians will welcome you into their sun kissed vacation paradise. Whether you bring it with you or not, romance and beauty is abundant here in Santorini.


Exploring Santorini

There’s tons of things to do in Santorini and like many tropical islands, Santorini has a volcanic past which has contributed to its geologic foundation, creating secret lagoons and archeological sites that can be visited all over the island. The village of Oia has a particular brand of renaissance beauty not to be missed and is a good hiking destination from Fira, the largest town on the island.


Lazy days

You can enjoy fishing, diving, sailing and snorkeling during the day, punctuated with meals of fresh local produce, including prized wines, cherry tomatoes and white eggplants.



Nightlife in Santorini is just as pleasurable with greek dancing on the terrace under strings of lights, as well as other options that include live music and reveling each and every night away of your holiday in paradise.


How to get to Santorini

There exists not one but two ports and Santorini boasts its own international airport so getting there is a breeze. Visiting to Mykonos is popular both by ferry and air, offering numerous flights daily.


When to go to Santorini

The tourist season opens around 1 April, running until December. Temperatures never get cold on Santorini but from December until March it cools down and many accommodations close during this period as well. With little rain between May and September, the bulk of travelers choose this time to visit.


Things to do in Santorini

Santorini Facts

AirportSantorini, Greece (JTR)

Santorini average temperatures

14 °C 14 °C 16 °C 19 °C 22~23 °C 27~28 °C 28~29 °C 27~29 °C 26~27 °C 22 °C 19 °C 16 °C