Sanna’s 2015

Sanna, working with communication at Owegoo as an intern, is next up with her plans for 2015.

Where to go 2015
For summer, I’ve got plans to drive down to Croatia, and stop by in the Alps on the way. I love the Alps, but I’ve only been there during winter, and to see the region during summer is going to be exciting. If time (read: my wallet) allows it, I’m hopefully going to Zanzibar, Tanzania by the end of the year.

What to do 2015
This year is going to be a eventful year, seeing that I’ve got a new job and live in a new city. I’m moving to Malmö the oncoming month, so this year will be all about getting to know the city by eating, dancing, and exploring new places. Hopefully I’ll be able to go skiing during winter, but we’ll see about that.



Zanzibar and The Swiss Alps during summer