Things to do in San Marino

Enjoy sports, shopping, and sightseeing in San Marino

San Marino is an ancient city with a modern twist.
It is one of the world’s wealthiest cities and tourists often say that they feel comfortable and at home when visiting San Marino.


Things to do in San Marino

Although the city to the surface is small, there are many fun things to do in San Marino. They city is filled with historic spots and modern attractions that can make any holiday a special and exciting one.


San Marino Castles & Three Towers

San Marino is a rich city in the Republic of San Marino, which is surrounded by Italy on the Italian Peninsula. Its administrative divisions are called castles and each castle holds its own charm and beauty. The most visited tourist attractions in San Marino are its Three Towers but there are many more things to do in San Marino while on vacation.


San Marino Football

If you are a sports fan, you can watch some of the football leagues that are organized by the San Marino Football Federation.


San Marino Grand Prix

If you are into road racing instead, this would be a good holiday destination for you to watch the San Marino motorcycle Grand Prix live.


Shopping in San Marino

If you want to go shopping, there are modern shopping centers in the city. But if you like a more authentic feel to the souvenirs you’re going to buy, there are eclectic shops that sell souvenirs, food, and crafts. Even the medieval streets and alleys are great places to explore. It is just fine to get lost in the small city of San Marino because you don’t know what surprises will jump at you when you turn a corner.


How to get to San Marino

There are no airports in San Marino. Most tourist travel to the airport of Rimini. From there you can continue by bus or cab, a short drive that takes around halv an hour.


When to go to San Marino

San Marino has a moderate Mediterranean climate with continental influences. The summers in the city are warm while the winters are cold.

Weather-wise, the best time to visit San Marino is between March and May because the day temperatures are mild and perfect for sightseeing tours.


Things to do in San Marino

San Marino Facts


San Marino average temperatures

5~9 °C 6~11 °C 14 °C 17 °C 14~22 °C 19~26 °C 23~30 °C 25~29 °C 20~26 °C 15~22 °C 10~16 °C 6~12 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites San Marino - San Marino Historic Centre and Mount Titano

The historic centre of San Marino and Mount Titano form together a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008. The historic centre is considered so due to witnessing a free republic since the 13th century, which makes it a centre filled with architectural styles and continued history from many centuries. Mount Titano, on which San Marino rests, offered a strategic position to the city.

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