Things to do in Porto Santo

Lie on the pristine beaches of Porto Santo

The island of Porto Santo is a territory of Portugal. Situated in the Atlantic Ocean, the island boasts of a rugged landscape, unspoiled beaches, and offshore diving destinations. Because Porto Santo’s industry is concentrated primarily on tourism, there are several high-class accommodations, facilities, and amenities catering to travelers and visitors.


Things to do in Porto Santo


Stunning Beaches

Porto Santo is most known for its long stretch of fine-sand beaches. There are crowded beaches where you can mingle with the locals and secluded spots where you can take romantic walks by the moonlight so take your pick!


Fishing & Diving

Fishing expeditions and diving excursions are popular things to do in Porto Santo. The water surrounding the island is rich with different fishes and sea creatures, which is why fishing and diving are both rewarding experiences.




Porto Santo Golf Course

During the day, you can also play a round of golf at the Porto Santo Golf Course. It boasts two 18-hole golf courses plus one nine-hole golf course, so you can choose your area depending on your level of expertise and time allotment.



If you want to see the Porto Santo landscape and seascape from a high ground, you can hike the different peaks and viewpoints on the island.


How to get to Porto Santo

The most common way to get to Porto Santo is by ferry from Funchal, located on the neighboring island of Madeira.


When to go to Porto Santo

Porto Santo has a dry climate overall. The summer season is hot and dry while the winter season is still warm but slightly rainy. During the summer season, average temperatures range from 17.1 to 25 °C (62.8 to 77 °F). In winter, daily temperatures average around 13.1 to 19.5 °C (55.9 to 67.1 °F).

There is never a wrong time to visit the island because there is very little variation in the daily temperatures throughout the year. Also, the occasional rainfall during the winter season will not be a huge hindrance to your sightseeing plans.

Porto Santo Facts

Population5 483
AirportMadeira, Portugal (FNC)

Porto Santo average temperatures

17 °C 17 °C 18 °C 18 °C 19 °C 21 °C 23 °C 24 °C 24 °C 22 °C 20 °C 18 °C


Porto Santo Marathon

In Porto Santo you can run the Porto Santo Marathon. The main event is their marathon trail at 42K, but if you feel like it might be a little too long you can choose to run 21K instead. There is also a mini trail at 5K available.

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