Things to do in Funchal

Go shopping and sightseeing in Funchal

For over five centuries, Funchal has been the prosperous capital city of Madeira, Portugal. Churches, parks, gardens, and markets abound in Funchal, so you can do plenty of sightseeing and shopping in the city.


Things to do in Funchal

Funchal is a beautiful city to explore and we have listed some of our favorite things to do in Funchal while visiting;



Shopping can be done wherever you are in the city. There are small artisan shops, craft and souvenir stores, and a few shopping complexes in Funchal, and you can choose a shopping destination that best suits your taste and budget.


The Old Town of Funchal

The Old Town of Funchal is easily walkable. Exploring the historic center on foot can bring you to narrow cobblestone streets, ancient houses that even date back to the 15th century, and a variety of stalls, restaurants, and bars. Dining in the Old Town will let you taste authentic Madeira cuisine that is sure to capture your appetite.


Botanical Gardens

Strolling along the lush Madeira Botanical Gardens is a pleasant activity that you can do in Funchal. You can find over 2,000 plants in the area, plus a collection of parrots and parakeets.



Although the city goes pretty quiet at night, there are still a handful of bars and clubs where you can have an extraordinary nightlife experience. If you want to spend a night at the beach, you can hop on a boat and head to Porto Santo, a charming island with a spectacular beach community.


When to go to Funchal

The subtropical climate of Funchal features two distinct seasons: a rainy season from October through March and a dry season from April through September. Average temperatures throughout the year vary little and ranges from 16.6 – 23.2 °C (61.9 – 73.8 °F).

June to August, the summer season in the city, sees the most number of tourists each year. Many people choose to visit Funchal during the summer because there is very little to no chances of rain, which means that the weather is ideal for some shopping, sightseeing, and swimming.



things to do in Funchal

Funchal Facts

Population111 892
AirportMadeira, Portugal (FNC)

Funchal average temperatures

18~19 °C 18~19 °C 20 °C 20 °C 21 °C 23 °C 24 °C 25~26 °C 25~26 °C 23~24 °C 21~22 °C 20 °C


Funchal Marathon

The Funchal Marathon is an annual marathon event held in the capital city of the island of Madeira in January each year. Apart from the main marathon race the event also features a half-marathon and a mini-marathon. The course will take you on a tour along the beautiful coastline making sure you are not missing any of the amazing sights on the island. Funchai is a popular place to visit around new years eve, making this marathon a perfect way to conclude a visit to the island.

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Golf in Funchal

The island of Madeira is host to two great golf clubs in Santo da Serra Golf Club and Palheiro Golf Club. Santo da Serra features a 27 hole golf course, located in the scenic hills near the eastern shore of the island. It is a beautiful course that offers great views and excellent golfing. Palheiro Golf Club is located in the outskirts of Funchal and features an 18 hole woodland championship golf course. Don't miss these courses if you are looking for golf in on the island of Madeira!

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