Things to do in Portugal

Travel to Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful country that attracts tourists from all over the world.


The Algarve Coast

People looking for a week of vacation at the beach often end up somewhere along the Algarve coast where you’ll find beautiful long beaches and rock formations jutting out stoically from the sea.

If you rent a car you can drive around and check out the lanscape with majestic mountains, small whitewashed villages and beautiful vineyards.


Historical sites around Lisbon

Close to Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, you’ll also find historic places like the castles Castelo dos Mouros and Palacio dos Mouros.


Play Golf in Portugal

Portugal is also one of the most popular destinations in the world for golfers.

The climate together with the beautiful surroundings has made it a great place for both beginners and professional golfers.

There are many resorts and hotels that offers both classes and transportation to the golf courses.


Shopping in Portugal

If you are looking for some shopping then take a trip to Albufeira where you have the well-known Strip and popular shopping malls.

Here you’ll also find great nightlife with popular bars and great clubs.


Portugal Weather & Climate

Portugal is a perfect destination for a summer vacation and the hot temperature is perfect if you want to enjoy the beach life.

If laying on the beach is not your top priority then Portugal is great all year around, the winters are mild and both spring and autumn are beautiful.


Portugal Currency

The currency of Portugal is Euro (€).


Portugal Population

Portugal has a population of over 10 000 000 inhabitants.
The capital and the largest city of Portugal is Lisbon with a population of 2 250 000 inhabitants.


Most popular tourist cities in Portugal:

Flores is one of the Azores Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, named after its abundance of beautiful wild flowers. The picturesque and stunning island with coastal cliffs and volcanic deposits attracts many visitors on holiday every year because of its beauty.
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Funchal is the prosperous capital city of Madeira. Churches, parks, gardens, and markets abound in Funchal and you can do plenty of sightseeing and shopping in the city.
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Horta is a city governing the island of Faial in the autonomous archipelago of Azores. Beaches, museums and whale-watching tour are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Horta.
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Lisbon is the capital and biggest city in Portugal. It is a city of lively nightlife, outstanding architecture and beautiful beaches.
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Madeira is a sub-tropical island, known worldwide as the Island of Eternal Spring.
There is a much to enjoy on the island – wine, flowers, landscapes and embroidery artisans, the island is a popular year round resort visited by over a million tourists each year.
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Ponta Delgada
Ponta Delgada is the capital of the island of Sao Miguel in Azores.
The city hosts a wide assortment of activities – tourists can enjoy everything from history tours to whale watching and extreme sports.
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Porto is a city in the northern part of Portugal on a similar latitude to that of Barcelona. It is a dynamic city where tourists can enjoy arts, gastronomy, architecture, entertainment, history, vibrant nightlife and amazing beaches.
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Porto Santo
Porto Santo is an island situated in the Atlantic Ocean.
The island boasts of a rugged landscape, unspoiled beaches and offshore diving destinations.
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Terceira Island
Terceira Island is one of the largest islands of the Azores archipelago and a major tourist hub in the region. Its historic center is the oldest city in Azores and is listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Nature tripping and hiking are just two of the best outdoor activities on the island.
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Portugal Facts

Population10 500 000
LanguagePortuguese, Mirandesea
CurrencyEURO (€)