Things to do in Asunción

Have fun and recreation in the city of Asunción

Asunción is the administrative and economic capital of Paraguay. Although Asunción doesn’t have the flashy tourist attractions that other cities may possess, there’s still a lot of fun things to do in Asunción and it is a very interesting place to spend your holiday. You can delve in the city’s history and culture and visit more modern attraction and amenities.


Things to do in Asunción


Stroll around the city

Spend a day walking along the city’s historical center where you can see traditional buildings and quaint shops. While touring this part of town by foot, you can see the architectural evolution of Asunción.



You can also spend your time trying different sports and recreational activities. There is a prominent golf club in the city, as well as a badminton center where you can sweat out your stress.



When it comes to shopping, Calle Palma is one of the most popular shopping districts in Asunción. There are also various shopping malls, craft shops, and street markets that you can explore around the city.



Nightlife in Asunción is an assortment of bars and clubs that often offer good food and great music. There isn’t a definite nightlife district in the city but you can easily find an energetic bar or nightclub at night.


When to go to Asunción

The city of Asunción features a tropical savanna climate bordering on a tropical monsoon climate and a humid subtropical climate. April to September is the relatively dry season characterized by hot and humid days and slightly cooler nights. The wet season, which covers the rest of the year, is hotter and more humid than the dry season. The annual mean temperature is 23 °C (73 °F).

The most popular time to visit the city is from June to August because it is the driest and coolest time of the year. Keep in mind, though, that rain still falls even during these months.


Things to do in Asunción

Asunción Facts

Population542 023
LanguageSpanish, Guaraní
AirportSilvio Pettirossi Intl, Paraguay (ASU)

Asunción average temperatures

33 °C 32~33 °C 31 °C 28 °C 24~25 °C 22 °C 22~23 °C 24~25 °C 25~26 °C 28~29 °C 30~31 °C 32~33 °C


Golf in Asunción

In the center of the city you will find Asunción Golf Club, the only 18 hole golf course near Asunción. It is a beautifully decorated course with wild flowers growing and trees presenting a challenging obstacle. It is a flat parkland course, which makes it a great choice if you are looking more for a relaxing than demanding golf experience. Walkers are also more than welcome, just make sure to pay attention to the golfers!

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