Things to do in Palermo

Palermo is a beachfront city with an energetic nightlife.

Palermo is famous for being a city with a vibrant culture and heritage. In Palermo, there are beautiful architectural wonders to see, different kinds of delicious food to try, and so much history to learn about.


Things to do in Palermo


There are lots of places to visit during your holiday here, but one of the most popular things to do in Palermo is visiting the beaches, which are beautiful. The coast has small beaches where you can have fun snorkeling and looking at the sea creatures or walking on the sandy beach with your loved one at sunset.



Do you love the nightlife? Then you have plenty of nightlife and entertainment options in Palermo. In fact, Italians don’t even eat dinner until after 8 PM, so there’s plenty of time to go to a bar for a drink or to a club for a party. Also, you can watch the opera or the ballet at night and there are various outdoor concerts during the summer.



You can also check out the Palermo Cathedral, a beautiful church that has undergone many architectural changes over the centuries. If you like archeology, visit the Capuchin Catacombs and the hundreds of mummies stored here.



Sports lovers will enjoy watching the Palermo soccer team which is very prized in Italy. The Palermo team plays in the Stadio Renzo Barbera and other major sports venues throughout the city.


When to go to Palermo

Palermo features a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild but wet winters.



In February the city hosts a carnival with floats, decorations, and parades. The months of March sees the Feast of San Giuseppe, a religious celebration of the city’s patron saint.

The Merit Cup Windsurf World Festival is held in May, while the EcoVision Festival for the environment and the cinema is held in June.




Things to do in Palermo

Palermo Facts

Population654 858
AirportPalermo, Italy (PMO)

Palermo average temperatures

12~15 °C 12~15 °C 16 °C 18 °C 19~22 °C 23~26 °C 26~29 °C 27~29 °C 24~27 °C 20~23 °C 16~19 °C 13~16 °C


Palermo Opera House

Teatro Massimo Vittorio Emanuele

Located on the famous island of Sicily, this huge opera house, one of the biggest in Europe, has stood the test of time, being founded in 1897. In Italy, many people know it for its excellent acoustics and extravagant, Colosseum-like interior design. Situated near the harbor, it is a perfect place to visit if you have arrived by boat from the main land.

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The Palermo Marathon

The Palermo Marathon is rather low key in comparison to others. You choose between running a full marathon or a half-marathon. The route is the same for both, meaning that you run the half-marathon twice if you choose the full one. The start and finish, are at the city's main square. Then you run on narrow Sicilian streets, broad avenues and wonderful Sicilian markets. You also pass through Mt. Pelegrino, Mondello, Via de Liberta and Capella Palentina. The route is ranging from flat to undulating making it a varied and fun course.

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