Things to do in Tromsø

See the brilliant Northern Lights in Tromsø.

Tromsø is a small city located in the far north of Norway where you can experience natural beauty at its finest. Every year, this bustling town attracts visitors who want to celebrate and spend their holiday in the pristine and sparkling tundra of Norway. Apart from seeing the glittering Northern Lights at night, you can also stroll around, visit museums and parks, and enjoy winter activities.


Things to do in Tromsø


The spectacular fjords

You won’t run out of incredible sights to see and fun things to do in Tromsø during your visit. Some of Norway’s most famous natural wonders are the rushing fjords which are narrow bodies of water surrounded by sheer cliffs created by glacier erosion. The spectacular view of the unique fjords keeps visitors coming back to spend more time in Tromsø.


Enjoy the beautiful outdoors

While in town, you can also try dog sledding, reindeer sledding, or snowmobiling to see more of the beautiful country. If you want to surround yourself with the relaxing nature elements, camping is another popular activity for adventurers. Just make sure to pack enough warm gear for the night!


Polar Museum

There is also the city’s Polar Museum as well as the Art Museum where you can learn more about northern Norway and the history of Tromsø.


When to go to Tromsø

Because it is extremely north, Tromsø experiences radical differences in light and darkness. In the summer, the sun is above the horizon for most of the day, making the small city bright and pleasant for all hours. In the winter, the sun is mostly below the horizon. However the few hours of daylight usually bring out spectacular colors in the sky in the form of the wonderful Northern Lights which every visitor wants to see.



There are several festivals in Tromsø throughout the year, with the most popular being the Midnight Sun Marathon in June celebrating the bright outdoors. This festival is so popular that you must plan to book a hotel in advance if you want to watch or take part in the marathon. Whenever you visit, you will surely have an unforgettable experience in the northern splendor of Tromsø.

Tromsø Facts

Population71 590
CurrencyNorweigan Krone
AirportLangnes, Norway (TOS)

Tromsø average temperatures

-6~-1 °C -5~-1 °C 0 °C 4 °C 7~9 °C 12~15 °C 13~17 °C 13~16 °C 9~11 °C 3~5 °C -2~2 °C -5~-0 °C


Midnight Sun Marathon

Experience the arctic city of Tromsø by participating in the Midnight Sun Marathon. There is also a half-marathon, a 10K race, a mini marathon at 4.2K and a children’s fun run organized. Take your chance to enjoy the crisp air while challenging yourself in a marathon.

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