Things to do in Maastricht

Explore the broad shopping opportunities in Maastricht

Maastricht is located in the southern end of the Netherlands and is just a few miles from Belgium and Germany. It is popular for its historical town center, excellent cuisine, eclectic shops, and diverse culture. Holidays in Maastricht usually include shopping, sightseeing, and spelunking activities.


Things to do in Maastricht



The shopping possibilities in Maastricht are endless. The city center is surrounded by an assortment of shops, boutiques, and specialty stores where you can buy clothes, souvenirs, and other goods.



The city is also dotted with museums that will surely spark your interest. The Bonnefantenmuseum houses a collection of contemporary art while the Natuurhistorisch Museum features exhibits and displays about the natural history of the region.



You can also go spelunking right in the city. Check out the Saint Pietersberg Caves which are old marlstone mines used as a sanctuary by the locals during bombings and sieges.



Golf is also a popular sport in the city and you will find a number of golf courses in and around Maastricht.


Travel to Amsterdam

If you want to go to Amsterdam, you have several modes of transportation to choose from. Trains, buses, and planes depart from Maastricht to head to Amsterdam on different schedules.


When to go to Maastricht

Summers are a bit warmer and winters are slightly colder in Maastricht than in the rest of Netherlands. In the summer months of June through September, the average temperatures run from 10.5 to 23.3 °C (50.9 to 73.9 °F). The winter months of November through March features average temperatures ranging from 0 to 10.1 °C (32 to 50.2 °F). There is also a fair amount of rainfall through the course of the year.


Festivals and events

Maastricht also holds plenty of festivals all year round. The popular city carnival is held in February or March while Magic Maastricht, a winter-themed fair takes place around December to January. There are also a range of different art festivals, musical celebrations, and sporting events in the city, So no matter when you visit, there’s always things to do in Maastricht. Just make sure to check the schedule of events before you take you holiday.

Maastricht Facts

Population122 331
AirportMaastricht, Netherlands (MST)

Maastricht average temperatures

2~6 °C 3~7 °C 10 °C 14 °C 14~19 °C 17~21 °C 19~23 °C 19~23 °C 16~20 °C 11~15 °C 6~9 °C 3~6 °C


Golf in Maastricht

There are a couple of great courses in the area surrounding Maastricht. The most centrally located one is called Maastricht International Golf, an 18 hole course featuring undulating fairways framed by a great, thick forest. A bit further to the north you can play on Het Rijk van Margraten and Spiegelven Golf Club Genk, both using the natural landscape of the Belgium countryside as a base for their golf design.

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