Things to do in Nepal

Travel to Nepal

Nepal, a country residing in between Tibetan China and India, is famous for its pagodas and trekking. You can trek for days and see huge mountain ranges- 8 of the 10 largest mountain ranges are in Nepal, including the big one- Mount Everest. Along the way you will see prayer flags, temples and villages. The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu and it is one of the world’s most interesting and affordable cities. Visitors come to Nepal over and over again because it is so wondrous and different from their own culture. As you travel to Nepal and through it, you will hear mantras and see monasteries. Travel into the jungles for the chance to see exotic birds and furry and awesome striped tigers.

Things to do in Nepal

There are lots of outdoor activities to engage in including paragliding, elephant riding, canyoning, climbing, mountain biking, all surrounded by dramatic scenery. Whitewater rafting is also an incredibly fun thing to do in Nepal. Nepal is also a good place for being quiet and meditative, offering lots of opportunities for silent meditation and self reflection.

When to go to Nepal

April to June and October to December are the most popular times to travel to Nepal.

Kathmandu- capital of Nepal

Traveling to Kathmandu is never a pain to your budget because it is one of the world’s least expensive cities. It offers a variety of outdoor holiday destinations where you can go hiking and camping, plus a horde of lively and colorful festivals that give you a glimpse to the rich culture of the city. Read more about Kathmandu…