Things to do in Marrakech

Marrakech – The City that’s Always Busy

Marrakech is located in Morocco, nestled near the foothills of Atlas Mountains and just a few hours away from the Sahara Desert. It has two very different districts: the historical Medina and the modern Gueliz. Because of the city’s contrasting landscapes and cultures, tourists are attracted to its unique charm and appeal.


Things to do in Marrakech

There are ever so many things to do in Marrakech that you’ll have a hard time choosing. However, a must is a visit to the busy medina or square Djemaa El-Fna for a real Moroccan experience. The City also has great features you will not find anywhere else and architectural buildings such as the Marrakech Museum is definitely worth a visit.


Marrakech Medina

Just wandering along the winding alleys of the bustling medina can be a great experience. A lot of the structures in this historic district are still built with the original red sandstone that defines Marrakech. Medina means Market and is quite spot on what it is. In the Marrakech Medina you get to experience real craftmanship first hand. It is a very traditional market where most of the people selling things in the stalls also made them themselves. The market is like a labyrinth with aisles that seem to go on forever and remember, the further you get in the medina, the better bargain you’ll get. Inside the medina do keep your eyes open as there are both mules and motorcycles coming in full speed. A visit to Marrakech is not complete without a visit to the Marrakech medina. The Medina evolves around the super busy square Djemaa El-Fna and is called Souks.


Marrakech Nightlife

The nightlife scene of the city is centered at Plaza Djemaa El-Fna, a square at the heart of the medina. At night, there are plenty of musicians, drummers, and dancers who can steal your attention. Aside from the cultural shows, there is also an assortment of stalls and shops where you can taste Moroccan food and buy souvenir items. If you want to go clubbing you are up for a treat. There is also a great nightlife in Marrakech, the music scene is fantastic with many different influences. Would you instead prefer a calmer environment you could visit one of Marrakech rooftop bars. Since nothing is to be build higher then a palm tree, Marrakech can’t really provide you with any sky bars, but you will get a fantastic view over the city from only a couple stories up.


Marrakech Museum

The Marrakech museum is a museum in an amazing old building that was restored and made in to a museum. It is a perfect example of andalusian architecture with its own fountains in the courtyard. If not too interested in history the building is worth going for. Just a 5-minute walk from Djemaa El-Fna is the Dar Si Said Museum, a place where you can marvel at the impressive Moroccan wood carvings and popular art.


Marrakech Beach

As Marrakech doesn’t have a beach the best thing to do is to travel to Agadir. The closes you come to a beach in Marrakech is perhaps the Nikki Beach Club, which has a large pool. But if you really want a real beach, Agadir is a three hour drive away. The drive itself can be quite a fun experience in a desert landscape. There is also a great chance that you might see some goats climbing trees, a Moroccan speciality.


When to go to Marrakech

Marrakech sports a hot semi-arid climate with hot, dry summers and cool, slightly rainy winters. In summer, average temperatures range between 28–29 °C (82–84 °F). During the winter season, the average temperature stays pretty constant at 12 °C (54 °F).


Festivals and Holidays

Festivals and cultural events are also held in the city throughout the year. The most notable festivals are the National Folklore Festival, the Berber Festival, and the Marrakech Festival of Popular Arts.

New Year and Easter holidays in Marrakech are crowded with tourists and travelers. If you want to visit the city at a quieter time of the year, you can plan your trip during the city’s spring and autumn seasons. The winter months of November to February are also a great season to visit if you don’t mind the light rainfall that occurs sporadically during this time.


Things to do in Marrakech

Marrakech Facts

Population909 000
LanguageArabic, Berber
CurrencyMoroccan Dirham
AirportMenara, Morocco (RAK)

Marrakech average temperatures

18 °C 19 °C 22 °C 23 °C 27 °C 31 °C 36 °C 36 °C 32 °C 27 °C 22 °C 19 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Marrakesh - Medina of Marrakesh

Marrakesh was founded by the Almoravids around 1070, and for a long time it was a major political, economic and cultural centre of the Muslim World, especially in North Africa and Andalusia. One of the main landmarks of the city, the Koutoubia Mosque and its minaret, date from said period, just like the Kasbah or the ramparts. Later, other constructions joined them such as the Badiâ Palace or the Jamaâ El Fna Square. Due to all these artistic masterpieces and its historical importance, the Medina of Marrakesh is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Marrakech Marathon

This marathon event is held in the third largest city of Morocco annually in the month of January. The race starts at Mosquée de la Koutoubia and then travels up north until you reach Palmeraie Golf Palace Resort. It will then take you through the inner city of the picturesque city of Marrakech, passing by park Jardins de l'Agdal and Les Jardins de la Menara before heading back to the starting point. There is also a half-marathon that you can take part in if the full marathon sounds like a bit too much. Either way, running in this event is a great way of seeing the city. If you are not in the running mood, you can also just join the spectators as it is a very popular event that always draws a lot of people to come and watch and cheer.

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Golf in Marrakech

There are some truly lavish golf courses in Marrakech. Royal Golf de Marrakech is one of the most popular courses and features a 27 hole experience among palm trees and undulating fairways. The Montgomerie Marrakech is an 18 hole course named after golfing legend Colin Montgomerie, and features a beautiful course framed by olive trees and fountains, with breathtaking views of the Atlas and the Koutoubia. There are many more amazing courses in Marrakech, for example Noria Golf Club, Golf Club Amelkis and PalmGolf Club Marrakech just to name a few centrally located clubs. If you are looking for great golf, Marrakech is an excellent destination.

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