Things to do in Casablanca

Casablanca – the inspiration to one of the most iconic films in movie history

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco and the inspiration behind the famous 1942 film, Casablanca, which has made the name of this city unforgettable. As the chief port and industrial center of Morocco, the city has a lot to offer, including beautiful views, elaborate mosques, and excellent shopping destinations. The city is also located near several other picturesque cities in Morocco, such as Rabat and Marrakech, which is why Casablanca is such a popular holiday destination.


Things to do in Casablanca

There is a lot of things to do in Casablanca and the city is very easy to explore, with plenty of inexpensive taxis and buses to take from one location to the next.


King Hassan Mosque

One of the most popular sights is the King Hassan Mosque which is an enormous and gorgeous building with a tiled interior and a peaceful ambiance. Visitors to Morocco often travel to Casablanca just to visit this mosque which is one of the largest in the Middle East. There are several other monuments that contribute to the city’s unique religious and cultural history which you can visit to learn more about Morocco.


Casablanca Beaches

The beach along Casablanca is particularly picturesque and you can buy treats from beachside vendors while you enjoy the bright sunshine.


Casablanca Nightlife

There are several bars and restaurants to try if you want to experience the local nightlife scene. Many tourists prefer to drink at their hotel facilities but there are also Western style nightclubs in the city. There is something for everyone according to their adventure levels!


Shopping in Casablanca

If you like shopping Casablanca is perfect! Here you can find everything from luxury shops to small boutiques with crafts. In Casablanca you can also find the second largest shopping center in Africa, the Morocco Mall, with around 200 000 square meters of floor space.


Casablanca to Marrakech

Even though there are a lot of things to do in Casablanca you may also want to take a bus from Casablanca to Marrakech, a nearby city. Here you can find the famous open door marketplace where you can walk past snake charmers and drink freshly squeezed exotic fruit juices.


When to go to Casablanca

Casablanca has hot summers and cool winters and is a common destination for those trying to escape the cold winter season in their hometowns.
The holy month of Ramadan, which occurs during the summer season, involves fasting and religious ceremonies for the Muslim population of the city, so be sure to be respectful of the cultural traditions during this time. However, there is never a wrong time to visit Casablanca, as the city is always alive with sand, sun, and lively marketplaces.

Casablanca Facts

Population4 150 000
LanguageArabic, Berber
CurrencyMoroccan Dirham
AirportMohammed V Intl, Morocco (CMN)

Casablanca average temperatures

16~17 °C 17~18 °C 20 °C 21 °C 21~24 °C 23~26 °C 25~28 °C 26~29 °C 25~27 °C 22~25 °C 20~21 °C 17~18 °C


Casablanca Marathon

Held in the economically and demographically most important city in Morocco, The Casablanca Marathon is an annual event in October. Casablanca might be known to you for the iconic film with the same name, and this race will take you through many of the historical sights of the film and the many coastal boulevards of the city. The course is relatively flat and mainly on asphalt as it is an inner city marathon. The event also features shorter distances for the running enthusiasts that want to take part in the event but who thinks a marathon is a little bit too much. If you want to take part in a marathon with a connection to popular culture, this one is worth checking out!

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