Things to do in Morelia

Morelia – a beautiful city that is off Mexico’s beaten path

Morelia is a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site for its beauty and historical significance. It is a colonial-style city with churches, cathedrals, and other historic architectural feats. History and culture buffs will love it here and the curious visitor will find a lot of interesting things to do in Morelia. The city is small and easy to get around on by foot, which is why so many people love to spend their holidays in the quaint streets of Morelia.


Things to do in Morelia

Morelia is not a typical tourist hotspot, which means most of the city’s flavor and uniqueness is still intact. You won’t find another place quite like it, and you’ll definitely want to return.


Santuario de Guadalupe

The architecture of the city, which is mostly showcased in churches and cathedrals, is simply stunning. Regardless of religion, its churches, such as the Santuario de Guadalupe, stand as a work of art in themselves. The Santuario has gold trimmings and a soft pink hue adorning the rising towers.



The city’s soccer team is very popular and games are exciting events to watch.


Morelia Zoo - Benito Juarez Zoological Park

The Benito Juarez Zoological Park is a zoo that stretches over a huge landscape and has a gorgeous lake inside. The eclectic mix of animals, from polar bears to monkeys, makes this spot a favorite among families visiting with children.


When to go to Morelia

Morelia has warm temperatures, with most of the rain falling during the summer. Annual temperatures vary little and generally stay constant at an average of 14-22 °C (57-72 °F).


Morelia Film Festival

The international Morelia Film Festival takes place in March and is a great chance to see some brilliant award-winning films. There are also other local festivals that are great events to plan your trip around, such as the regional food festivals which take place in the fall. Also, during the last week of November, the Santuario celebrates the Virgin of Guadalupe, which is a religious cultural festivity you won’t want to miss.




Things to do in Morelia

Morelia Facts

Population729 757
CurrencyMexican Peso
AirportGeneral Francisco J Mujica Intl, Mexico (MLM)

Morelia average temperatures

19~33 °C 20~35 °C 36 °C 37 °C 25~38 °C 22~37 °C 21~34 °C 21~34 °C 20~34 °C 20~35 °C 20~35 °C 19~34 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Morelia - Historic Centre of Morelia

The city of Morelia is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its architecture and town planning reflecting the fusion of two cultures through the Spanish Renaissance and the native Mesoamerican style. Built in the characteristic pink stone of the region from the 16th century onwards, there are more than 200 historical monuments in the city reflecting styles such as Baroque, Neoclassical and Renaissance. Among the favourite sites to see in the city, the impressively well-preserved aqueduct and the Guadalupe Sanctuary, whose sober exterior makes the gorgeous inside even more surprising

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Golf in Morelia

Just south of the city you will find Altozano Golf Club, a beautiful 18 hole course surrounded by a thick forest with a beach like feeling at the many water hazards. A bit to the east you will find Tres Marias Residential Golf Club, a country club with 27 holes and to the north you will find the 18 hole course of Erandeni Golf Club. If you want something in the inner city, the 9 hole course of Campestre Morelia Golf Club is a great choice if you just want a short round of golf.

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