Things to do in Puebla

Puebla – a melting pot of different architectural styles

Puebla is a fantastic city for a holiday where you can marvel at the beautiful architecture, taste the delicious mole poblano, hiking up the volcano of La Malinche and just enjoy the fantastic atmosphere as well as the beautiful scenery surrounding the city. Snow-capped mountains and volcanoes are a permanent, picturesque background of the city.



Things to do in Puebla

Puebla is the largest city as well as the the capital of the state bearing the same name. The city is also considered as one of the five most significant colonial cities in Mexico.


Architecture & Historical Buildings

If your are a history/ culture buff, you will be over the moon by all the fantastic places to visit and the interesting things to do in Puebla. You can learn much of the citys history just by looking at the architectural style of its churches, buildings, and other structures. These buildings feature Baroque, Renaissance, and Classic architecture and decorative arts.


Puebla Cathedral

The most prominent church in the city is the Puebla Cathedral, which represents late Baroque and neoclassical architecture. The Cathedral also has two towers which are considered the tallest in Mexico.


La Malinche Volcano

La Malinche volcano is open for hikers and can be accessed through the Parque Nacional La Malinche (National Park of La Malinche). There is also a recreational resort at the foot of the volcano where you can find comfy cabins and camp sites.



After an illuminating day of sightseeing, you may want to try Puebla’s original mole poblano. It is the signature cuisine of the city and the national food of Mexico. Puebla and Oaxaca both claim to be the origin of this delicious Mexican sauce. Puebla also rivals Oaxaca in making the best mole in Mexico.


When to go to Puebla

Puebla has a subtropical highland climate. The temperatures in Puebla are moderated by the city’s high altitude. The days are cool and the nights are chilly all year round. The weather in Puebla rarely gets hot and the temperatures seldom reach 29°C (84°F). The dry season in Puebla is from November to April while the rainy season is from May to October.




Things to do in Puebla

Puebla Facts

Population1 539 819
CurrencyMexican Peso
AirportHermanos Serdan Intl, Mexico (PBC)

Puebla average temperatures

12~24 °C 14~26 °C 28 °C 30 °C 16~30 °C 15~27 °C 14~25 °C 14~25 °C 14~25 °C 14~25 °C 13~25 °C 12~24 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Puebla - Historic Centre of Puebla

The city of Puebla is located at the foot of the Popocatepetl volcano, one of the highest in Mexico, where no city or village had been previously constructed in order not to take possession of indigenous territories. Situated about 100 km away from Mexico City, Puebla had a strategic location on the trade and cultural exchange route between the capital and the Port of Veracruz, which allowed it to develop a fusion of Baroque from Europe and indigenous styles. Thanks to this artistic and commercial importance, Puebla is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Archaeological Monuments Zone of Xochicalco

Xochicalco is an example of a fortified settlement from the Epiclassic Period in Mesoamerica, a period characterized by the need of military infrastructure due to political instability and commercial competition. This instability was due to the breakdown of the previous political structures, which also caused the regrouping of the surviving peoples and therefore a blending of cultures. Thanks to the good preservation of Xochicalco and its historical and cultural importance, it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Earliest 16th-Century Monasteries on the Slopes of Popocatepetl

Found on the slopes of the active volcano and second highest peak of Mexico Popocatepetl, these 14 monasteries are great well-preserved examples of the style adopted by the first missionaries who, in the early 16th century, converted the indigenous populations to Christianity. Due to their historical importance, these monasteries are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Luis Barragán House and Studio

The Mexican architect Luis Barragán’s house and studio in the suburbs of Mexico City are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, considered masterpieces of a fusion of Modern Style and traditional artistic currents. The mixture of styles was extremely influential, especially in today’s design of gardens. In addition, since Barragán himself lived there, the house and studio are a reflection of their designer. Today, the house can be visited and contains a museum as well. To do so, you must book a reservation in advance, with the advantages of it being a not-too-crowded attraction.

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La Puebla-Maraton Javalambre

If you feel like running a marathon in Mexico you can do it in the city of Puebla. It offers you an ultramarathon at a length of 45.5K called La Puebla-Maraton Javalambre.

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Golf in Puebla

There are a couple of 9 hole courses near Puebla, but only one 18 hole course that is open to the public. It is called Club de Golf Campestre de Puebla and features a beautiful 18 hole course framed by eucalyptus and cedar trees. There are also quite a few ducks walking around on the course, so make sure you watch out for them!

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