Things to do in Sandakan

Sandakan – Backpackers favorite base

Sandakan is a city in Sabah, Malaysia. It is packed with natural attractions and cultural tourist spots where travelers can learn more about the landscape, heritage, and culture of the city. It is also a perfect starting point for day trips into expansive parks, nature reserves, and animal sanctuaries that are situated outside the city limits.


Things to do in Sandakan

Sandakan is the great base for all the different activities one can get around to from here. Cheap and comfortable places to stay for backpackers and tourists. Visit nearby islands to go diving or watch the amazing wildlife. For the curious traveller there are always things to do in Sandakan.


Backpackers in Sandakan

Backpackers touring across Sabah love the quaint little city of Sandakan. In Sandakan backpackers and tourists can find convenient and affordable accommodations.


Attraction in Sandakan

Sandakan is also a great base for sightseeing trips and adventures because it is surrounded by numerous attractions. Many choose to stay in Sandakan for easy connections to the various attractions.


Sandakan Beach

While Sandakan itself doesn’t have great beaches, the nearby offshore islands just a few miles away from the city are wonderful beach destinations. Use Sandakan as your base for visiting other great beaches.


Diving in Sandakan

Lankayan Island boasts a diving resort, outside Sandakan, where you can do a range of water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. While on a diving trip in Sandakan visit the Turtle Islands which is a charming destination where you can witness the hatching of hundreds of turtle eggs.


Sandakan Animal Sanctuaries and Parks

The animal sanctuaries and nature parks in and around the area are always kept lush and thriving by the heavy rainfall the city experiences. While in Sandakan Don’t forget to visit the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center or the Labuk Bay Monkey Sanctuary to see the great flora and fauna of the region. There are also river cruises to experience throughout the year.


Sandakan to Kinabalu

If you want to go from Sandakan to Kinabalu, you can reach this city by bus or plane. Kota Kinabalu is the capital and largest city in Sabah. From Sandakan to Kinabalu is not even an hour of flying.


When to go to Sandakan

The city features a tropical rainforest climate with high temperatures and heavy precipitation all year round. Throughout the year, the average daytime temperature usually peaks around 32 °C (89 °F) and the mean nighttime temperature stays pretty constant at 24 °C (76 °F).





Sandakan Facts

Population396 290
CurrencyMalaysian Ringgit
AirportSandakan, Malaysia (SDK)

Sandakan average temperatures

29 °C 29 °C 30 °C 31 °C 32 °C 32 °C 31~32 °C 32 °C 31 °C 31 °C 30 °C 29 °C