Things to do in Macau

Macau – casino capital of the East

Macau is extremely dependent on tourism and gambling, enabling visitors to do a variety of activities when taking a vacation in this wealthy city. The sites and attractions in Macau are a striking fusion of Chinese and European cultures.


Things to do in Macau


Macau Casino & Gambling

Since the legalization of gambling in Macau, the city has become a well-known destination for gamblers and casino lovers. Now, Macau is dubbed as the “Monte Carlo of the Orient” and the city-wide gaming and gambling has attracted tourists from all over the world.


UNESCO Sites & Sightseeing

Aside from gambling, you can do the usual sightseeing that tourists do when on holiday. Located just across the bay from Hong Kong, there are several museums and one UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can learn about the Portuguese heritage of Macau.


Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre

Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre is another popular holiday destination in the city. Its inspiration came from the Sky Tower in Auckland. It contains a cinema, shopping mall, conference center, observation deck, and several cafes.


Macau Nightlife

If you are a night owl, you’ll be able to keep busy from dusk to dawn with all the fun for things to do in Macau at night. Nightlife in Macau is always buzzing and full of energy, mainly because of the casinos and entertainment centers that dot the small city. Along the Avenida Sun Yat Sen, you can find high-class bars and clubs where you can enjoy partying and bar hopping.


When to go to Macau

The humid subtropical climate of Macau allows the city to experience four distinct seasons. Summers are very hot, humid, and rainy while winters are cold, dry, and sometimes freezing. Spring can bring in some fog and warm weather.

Autumn, which occurs from October to November, is considered the best time to visit Macau because the weather is pleasantly warm and sunny without the stifling humidity.


Macau Grand Prix

The autumn season is also the time when you can watch the Macau Grand Prix, held annually in November. This street circuit racing event is participated in by both cars and motorcycles. International racers and riders compete in different adrenaline-pumping race categories.


Things to do in Macau

Macau Facts

Population607 500
LanguageCantonese, Portuguese
CurrencyMacanese pataca
AirportMacau Intl, Macau (MFM)

Macau average temperatures

18~19 °C 18~19 °C 22 °C 26 °C 29 °C 31 °C 32 °C 32 °C 31 °C 28 °C 24 °C 20~21 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Macau- Historic Centre of Macau

Most of Macau’s fame comes from its casinos and gambling, but the historic centre of the city is a gem you should not miss. Its past as a Portuguese colony is easily observed in the blending of cultures and western-influenced architecture, all of which has given Macau a well-deserved position on UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 2005. The contrast in the city is exemplified, for instance, when looking at buildings like the A-Ma Temple, built before the arrival of the Portuguese, and Saint Joseph’s Seminary and Church built in 1758.

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Macau Marathon

The first Macau Marathon was run in 1981 and it has since been an annual event in the month of December. The marathon is run by about 500 people every year but most people run the half-marathon and mini marathon that the event also features. The course will take you along the scenic route from the Macau Stadium up north past the Sai Van bridge where you will see the majestic Macau Tower. The route then goes for a loop in the St Lawrish Parish and heads down south towards the Orent Golf Macau Club before heading back to the Macau Stadium. The race is flat and fast, which makes it a great opportunity to break your personal best or just a great way of starting of your marathon career!

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Golf in Macau

Caesars Golf Macau is the premier place to go if you are looking for golf in Macau. It is a rather lavish club but still welcomes tourists at affordable rates. The course is 18 holes and is packed with water-hazards, making it a rather difficult course if you are having problem keeping your shots straight. If you want to go for those extra long shots, you will have to balance risk versus reward, which make strategic choices very important and thus make it a course that professionals generally love.

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