Things to do in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City - home of castles and kings

Also called Luxembourg City, and it’s the capital of Luxembourg the country. It has a rich history of being ruled by several countries, including the French, Dutch, and Germans.


Things to do in Luxembourg City

Here, we have listed some ”must see attractions” as well as some of our favorite things to do in Luxembourg City;


Luxembourg Palace

The Luxembourg Palace was originally the residence of Marie de Médicis, King Louis XIII’s mother. Now it is the president of the French Senate’s house. In 1946, the Paris Peace Conference was held here.


Vianden Castle

If you love castles you should absolutely go to see the Vianden Castle which was built between the 11th and 14th Century. It’s an example of a feudal residence of the Roman and Gothic era and was home to the Counts of Vianden, as well as the German House of Nassau. It has been restored to its original glory and is now under state ownership.


Food & Restaurants

Luxembourgish cuisine takes inspiration from the hearty German cuisine but with a finer touch thanks to the input from neighbouring countries such as France and Belgium, that hold a more flamboyant approach to food preparation. For traditional Luxembourgish food the Mousel Cantine in Clausen is always a safe bet, though not at all suitable for vegetarians as the most popular dish is Judd mat Gaardebounen (smoked collar of pork with broad beans). Due to the high amount of Italian residents in there are many great pizzerias around the country, the top choices being Ristorante Roma on Rue Louvigny in the centre and Porta Vecchia in Senningeberg, 15 minutes by bus from the city centre. Luxembourg is blessed with several Michelin start restaurants such as Ma Langue Sourit ( My Smiling Tongue), Restaurant Léa Linster and Restaurant Clairefontaine, so if your budget allows it we highly recommend booking a tasting menu at either one of them.



You’ll get the best coffee at the multi-prize winning yet humble Café Knopes, 15 minutes walk from the city centre on Route D’Esch inside a large warehouse where you can also have a casual italian sit-down lunch at the back of the venue at Comme a la maison.


Luxembourg Museums

There are plenty of interesting museums to visit during your stay. For modern and contemporary art Mudam is your safe choice and it strives to be attentive bring in works from allover the world, not only from the Grand DuchyThe Natural Museum of Natural History which is located in the Grund opened in 1996 and contains interesting exhibitions of the development of life on earth as well as the origin of the universe, all spread out in ten large rooms. Casino Luxembourg is yet another contemporary art museum  located in the heart of the centre, with a beautiful glass aquarium where you overlook the grund and the famous Spuerkees tower across the beautiful Pont Adolphe (bridge connecting traffic across the Pétrusse to Avenue de la Liberté).


Luxembourg Shopping

For the best shopping in the city head over to Grand Rue where you’ll encounter a big mix of high end designer boutiques and small independent shops. On Avenue de la Gare, across the Pont Adolphe bridge you will find a lovely mix of vintage and antique shops that are worth having a wonder around. Between the month of June and October there is a flea market every third Sunday of the month and every Wednesday and Saturday there’s a lovely farmers market at the Place Guillaume where you’ll find fresh local and organic produce. Luxembourg is known for its porcelain, crystal, beer, bird whistles, smoked meat and Ardennes hams.


When to go to Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City’s climate is oceanic, which means it has cold winters and temperate summers, with lots of cloud cover for about two thirds of the time. During the summer you can visit the lake up in Esch sur Sûre, which is actually one of the favorite things to do in Luxembourg City among the locals themselves during the warmer months as it’s the only place you’ll get the chance to cool down in the summer heat!



Things to do in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City Facts

Population509 074
LanguageFrench, German
AirportLuxembourg, Luxembourg (LUX)

Luxembourg City average temperatures

1~5 °C 3~7 °C 11 °C 15 °C 16~20 °C 19~23 °C 20~25 °C 20~25 °C 18~21 °C 12~15 °C 6~9 °C 3~6 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Luxembourg - City of Luxembourg: its Old Quarters and Fortifications

From the 16th century until its dismantlement of the walls in 1867, passing through the powers of the Romans, the Habsburgs or the Prussians among many, Luxembourg was one of the greatest fortified cities in Europe, mainly due to its strategic position. Regardless of the dismantling of the walls, the old quarters of Luxembourg still own traits of the fortified city like the narrow streets or the bastions. Due to these remains and to its historical importance, the old quarters and fortifications of Luxembourg are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Luxembourg Marathon

If you're a runner you should aim to be around Luxembourg in time for the annual marathon that takes place in May. The city comes to life during this time of the year and you'll see everything from families cheering on their loved ones running to students organising pub-crawls, all in the name of the Marathon! This exciting event attracting people from all over Europe has been around since 2004. There are many distances to choose from, so you can be sure to find one that suits you, no matter if you want to run a full marathon or a shorter 4k run. You can read more about the Luxembourg Marathon on their website!

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Golf in Luxembourg City

There is no shortage of great golf clubs in Luxembourg City. Kikuoka Country Club Canach offers a great and open course, with amazing views. Golf Christnach is a Masters course and is as such a great alternative if you are looking for a challenging course. You can also play on Golf Clervaux and Golf du Luxembourg Junglinster among many great courses in the area surrounding Luxembourg City.

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Water Parks in Luxembourg City - Most Innovating Water Park at Les Thermes

Just a little bit west of Luxembourg City you’ll find the water park Les Thermes. The European Waterpark Association has named this park the “Most Innovating Water Park in Europe”. Here you have a wide range of water slides and pools suitable for all ages making a great place for families. Les Thermes has also been appreciated for its architecture and well-conceived design.

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Theme Parks in Luxembourg City - Over 60 attractions at Walygator Park

Walygator Park is an amusement park located in Luxembourg City. This place consists out of 5 different areas, over 60 attractions and also hosts many shows and events. Bring whoever you want to experience the 5 areas with, all generations will enjoy a day at Walygator Park.

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