Things to do in Louisville

Louisville is home to an icon in the Major League Baseball – the Louisville Slugger

Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky, USA, and is the namesake of the most famous bat in American baseball history – the Louisville Slugger. Aside from that, Louisville is a city that showcases the old and the new; old buildings and historical structures stand in stark contrast with skyscrapers and modern business districts. The architecture and charm of this city make it a great place for a holiday.


Things to do in Louisville

There are always a lot to see and plenty of things to do in Louisville because it is such a classic American city.



Louisville boasts one of the nation’s top-ranking college basketball teams and has historically produced some of America’s greatest football players. If you are interested in sports or sports history, this is the perfect city for you. You can also visit the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory right in the downtown area and see where some of the greatest bats in America are designed and produced.



On the same block are several other museums that you can check out, including the city’s artistic, historical, and biographical museums.


Outdoor exploration

The city also has a beautiful zoo where you can see different kinds of animals and plants and enjoy the Kentucky sunshine. For further outdoor exploration, there is the Waterfront Park where you can stroll through lush pathways or bring a picnic set and a good book to spend a relaxing afternoon.


When to go to Louisville

At the end of April, Louisville hosts a huge Kentucky Derby Festival which has balloon, bike, and boat races, among other activities. It is a very popular event that attracts local and visiting crowds, so be sure to plan ahead to participate. The weather is generally mild and has four distinct seasons, which makes it the perfect holiday location all year round.

Louisville Facts

Population750 828
CountryUnited States of America (USA)
CurrencyUS dollar
AirportLouisville International Airport, United States (SDF)

Louisville average temperatures

-1~7 °C 2~9 °C 14 °C 20 °C 21~26 °C 27~30 °C 28~32 °C 27~31 °C 24~28 °C 18~22 °C 9~14 °C 2~8 °C


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