Things to do in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a hidden gem in Europe

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is one of the smallest capital cities in Europe in terms of population. It has a pristine and magical charm, especially because it is not a common holiday destination for most tourists. The city hosts many of the country’s educational, technological, and cultural events.


Things to do in Ljubljana

The Slovenian capital is is a lovely vacation getaway and you’ll find plenty to see and a lot of things to do in Ljubljana during your visit. Also, generally you do not have to worry about long lines and high prices like with many other tourist destinations. This is what makes it such an excellent place for a holiday – because you can explore the city at your own pace.


Ljubljana Castle

In the Old City of Ljubljana, you can visit the Ljubljana Castle which rests on a hill that has a rising tower overlooking the entire city. The architecture of the castle is stunning and the view from the inside is even more beautiful and is well worth visiting.


Ljubljana Zoo

The Ljubljana Zoo is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Here, you can see hundreds of animals representing different species.



Along the river and the main square, you can explore the nightlife scene of Ljubljana and find an excellent variety of restaurants, bars, and clubs.


When to go to Ljubljana

Every year, the city of Ljubljana hosts thousands of outdoor activities and cultural events. The Ljubljana Festival, one of the oldest festivals in Europe, takes place between July and August. International musicians, opera singers, ballet dancers, and theater artists perform in this colorful fest. The Ljubljana Marathon is a wonderful city-wide event in October that brings in crowds of tourists to watch or participate. So whether you are a runner or an avid spectator, this is an event you won’t want to miss. Whether you visit for the marathon, a festival, or another annual event, Ljubljana is a perfect tourist destination year round. The summers are warm and barely reach over 32°C (90°F) and winters are often frosty and generally have light snow.





things to do in Ljubljana

Ljubljana Facts

Population274 826
AirportLjubljana, Slovenia (LJU)

Ljubljana average temperatures

-5~4 °C -5~9 °C 11 °C 16 °C 2~21 °C 5~24 °C 8~26 °C 8~26 °C 6~22 °C 3~15 °C -2~8 °C -4~3 °C


Ljubljana Opera House

Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre

Near the great Park Tivoli, the Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre sits head to head with the Slovenian Parliament building, the National Museum and the National Gallery. In other words, this is quite the cultural district where tourists from all over the world gather to experience Slovenian history. The main performing arts are opera and ballet and the complete schedule is available on the opera's website.

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Ljubljana Marathon

The Ljubljana Marathon has been an annual event since it was established in 1995. The route will take you through all of Ljubljana's inner city, including the big Tivoli Park. Apart from a main marathon, there are also several other distances as well as an inline race and a bike race, so even if you are not a runner you can participate in this great event. Make your way to their website to register and get ready for the event in October in the capital of Slovenia!

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Golf in Ljubljana

There are two golf courses in Ljubljana: Diners Golf & Country Club Ljubljana and Golf Arboretum. The first is located about 12 kilometers north-west from the city center and features a 18 hole golf course. It is known for its wide fairways and greens, making it a family friendly course. It is also possible to train and play a couple of hole during the night as some parts of the course are illuminated, which can be a fun and different thing to try. The other course is located a bit further north and features a quite difficult 18 hole course in the middle of a pine forest.

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