Things to do in Lima

Lima, a capital city with an historical panorama

Lima is the capital city of Peru and was founded in 1535 by the Spanish. Because of its rich and far reaching history, the city contains both architectural wonders of the distant past and buzzing hubs of modernity in the core of the city. Lima is also famous for its tasty Peruvian cuisine which is inexpensive and sumptuous.


Things to do in Lima

Lima is a city alive with excitement and new experiences and there is a lot of things to do in Lima while on vacation in the city. The old architecture of the 1500s has left beautiful monasteries, cathedrals, and palaces.


Lima Tours & Getting around in Lima

The city is easy to navigate, either by foot or on the many forms of public transportation. Bike Tours of Lima is an excellent company that provides biking, walking, and running tours of the city and provides services with bilingual guides who have expertise knowledge of the local city.


Lima Beaches

The city is located on the coast of Peru and many visitors come to spend their holiday relaxing on the warm beaches of Lima.






Lima Golf Club

Lima also boasts seven world class golf courses, with the lush grounds of the Lima Golf Club as the most popular among visitors.


Visit the Zoo

While in Lima, you can also stroll through the Lima zoo to see the local wildlife and animals from all over the world.


Lima Yoga

Finally, if you are looking for the ultimate relaxation, why not take a few yoga classes in Lima, indoor or outdoor, under the beautiful Peruvian sun.


When to go to Lima

Lima’s climate is mild, with two distinct seasons throughout the year. The waters along the coasts of Lima keep it much cooler than some of its neighboring countries. Summer is generally from December through April and has temperatures from about 18-24 degrees Celsius (65-75 degrees Fahrenheit). Winter runs from June to October and usually stays close to an average of 15 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit). Year round, the city is popular with tourists, because of its wonderfully stable climate and warm beaches.


Things to do in Lima

Lima Facts

Population8 769 000
CurrencyPeruvian nuevo sol
AirportJorge Chavez Intl, Peru (LIM)


Golf in Lima

While Lima is not known for its golf, there are two clubs that every year attracts golfers. The La Planicie Country Club is one of those. With a slogan that says exclusivity and tranquillity, they aim to please the needs of those that are seeking a relaxing activity outside of Lima. The other course in the area is the centrally located Lima Golf Club, a beautifully planned course that offers a varied round of golf for both professionals as well as novices.

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites Lima - Historic Centre of Lima

Lima was, until the 18th century, the most important Spanish colonial city, being the centre of political and economic power, apart from exerting great influence culturally on other colonies. Thanks to its historical and artistic importance, its historic centre is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The historic centre of Lima is a great example of a powerful Spanish colonial city, which is seen in the elaborated construction of many churches, hospitals and universities.

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Lima Marathon

In May each year, people from all over the world take part in the Lima Marathon. The capital of Peru is definitely a great place for a marathon as the elevation is challenging but without any huge climbs, and the scenery is absolutely amazing. The course will take you along the coastline where you will get a great view over the cliffs of Lima. About 50% of the race is spent on the coastline and the other 50% in the inner city of Lima where you will run through the boroughs of Miraflores and San Borja. If you are new to Lima this Marathon will make you acquainted with the city and hopefully you get to discover your new favourite spot as you are running the course.

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