Things to do in Kuwait

Travel to Kuwait

Kuwait is referred to as a city state, with its capital and largest city, Kuwait City, playing the country’s nerve center.  Kuwait is in the heart of the Middle East and rests on the Arabian Gulf coast, a land that people have coveted for hundred of years, which has inspired a mighty history that revolves around this geographic area. Kuwait is rich in oil and Kuwait City is buzzing with wealth and material luxury. This is easily seen in the flamboyant skyscrapers and top tier shopping malls that adorn the metropolis. You’ll find spas, museums, golf and boating for diversion here in the city. Outside city limits you run into desert, but there are two places that attract city dwellers when they want to escape the urban jungle- Wafrah and Failaka Island. The former, Wafrah is comprised of farmland, and with that, a more relaxed pace in which to chill out. Failaka Island has more diverse climate from the city. Ferries go between Kuwait City and the island. One fun thing to do in Kuwait is to go to the Souq, the popular marketplace where the traditional way of doing commerce still is in practice. Polish up your haggling skills and pack a big shopping bag in which to carry your Arabian delights.

Kuwait City

Kuwait City is the capital and largest city of Kuwait. It sits on the shores of the Persian Gulf, and is a mixture of exclusive Western-style hotels, designer shopping malls, traditional Islamic architecture, street markets, and still war-torn buildings.

Things to do in Kuwait City

Come and see the Kuwait Towers, Kuwait’s main attraction. Escape the intense heat of the Middle East by visiting the Aqua Park near the Kuwait Towers, which offers a variety of modern rides and pools. Or visit the Zoological Park and the Musical Fountain.

When to go to Kuwait

November to April is the best time to visit Kuwait, when day temperatures come down to 18ºC (64 ºF) and nights are colder. It is impressive to visit Kuwait during February when the Hala February Festival, National Day and Liberation Day are all celebrated. Read more about Kuwait City…


Water Parks in Kuwait - Scuba diving and Go-kart at Aqua Park

Aqua Park in Kuwait City is the biggest one in the region and it offers the whole family a great amount of fun. Other than going on the variety of water slides, pools and other water attractions you can also try scuba diving, challenge your company in a volleyball match, race in Go-Kart and play some paintball. So whether you are going with a group of friends, your family or a beloved one you will all have a fun-filled day together!

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